Valentine’s Weekend

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Look what I got in the mail on Friday.


Liam’s very first valentine to us. Heart. Melting.

Liam and I spent the long weekend at my parents’ house. As usual, Milo stuck to Grandpa like glue. Even while he slept.


Evie and Liam played and played and played. And when Evie needed a break from all the non-stop playing, Milo was ready to step in. A perfect arrangement.

Saturday night we asked the kids if they wanted to share a bed. Evie and Liam, not Milo. They were game…for about 10 minutes. Then Evie was up wanting to watch TV, and then she wanted a snack, and then while Liam slept peacefully, she decided she wanted to sleep on her own. So I ended up sleeping with Liam in his bed. When Liam woke up the next morning, he was completely surprised. “Wait…Are you my mommy?” That gave us a laugh.


Sunday my friend Katie came over with her daughters Emerson (5) and Kensington (5 months). Liam wanted nothing to do with this play date, opting instead to play his Leap Pad in the other room while Emmy and Evie played dollhouse. But once the Shavers left, Liam put down his device and led a spirited game of hide and seek. Fun was had by all (despite the bored look he has in this photo. I promised him a treat if he’d stop and pose.)


On my way out of town on Monday we stopped to have lunch with Grandpa Marvin. He’s still pretty much blind and paranoid with Alzheimer’s, but he seems less fretful than the last time I saw him, which is a relief. We had a nice meal, thanks to my mom saving the day by bringing up a hot dog for Sir Liam Picky-pants. Then we introduced Liam to the game of pool. “Where is the water?” he asked.


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