A dental milestone

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Liam’s never been comfortable with doctors. When he was one and two he would cry every time he saw anyone in a white lab coat. His yearly checkups were agonizing. And the dentist? Forget about that. No way was he letting anyone get near his mouth with those dental tools. Since he was three we’ve been taking him along with us to our appointments, letting him sit and watch, ask questions, and then see if he’ll open his mouth for the dentist. And every time the dentist was rebuffed. Both our dentists in Florida and Kansas said it was no big deal – better that he feels comfortable than to push it.

This was our second visit to Dr. Farha’s in Derby, and this time we talked about our upcoming appointment. A lot. Every night for a week we made up a story about going to the dentist, and I went over everything that was going to happen. And as if on cue, on Friday a dentist came to his preschool and gave a talk about dental health and gave out toothbrushes. February is dental health month, after all! (Yeah, I didn’t know that, either.)

This morning Liam was all smiles in the waiting room. The dentist came out and chatted with Liam for a bit. He even had the honor of getting bitten by Lucy. She only bites the people that she likes. She thinks biting is nice. That’s what I hear 30 million times a day, anyway.

We had a wonderful dental hygienist who cheerfully showed Liam all of the instruments and answered all his questions while she cleaned my teeth first. Predictably Liam had a lot of questions, not all dental-related. At one point she remarked how smart he must be because he could name all four seasons.

Me: That’s nothing. Liam, how cold is dry ice?
Liam: Negative 108 degrees.
Hygienist: Wow. I’d say he’s ready for kindergarten.

Not wanting to show off, I refrained from asking him what kind of clouds make a thunderstorm, too. (To which he delightfully replies, “Cumulonimbus!” thanks to PaPa.) The hygienist asked me if I work with him on that stuff, and I said sort of. I’ve got a Wikipedia app on my phone, and when he’s constantly peppering me with questions, I’m looking all this stuff up and telling him. When we did our little dry ice experiment, he wanted to know how cold it was. Negative 108 degrees, apparently. And he kept asking me about it over and over, so I decided to quiz him until he memorized it. He’s like his daddy…a store of worthless information. He’s gonna kill at Trivial Pursuit.

Anyway, soon enough it was Liam’s turn in the dentist’s chair. He wanted to sit in my lap for the cleaning, which was fine. He still wants to sit on my lap at the hairdresser’s, too. We didn’t think he’d like mint toothpaste (he thinks my toothpaste is “too spicy!”), so he chose chocolate flavor. That’s a new one! He was a little nervous at first, but still he did a great job sitting still and opening up his mouth when he needed to. When she got out the floss, he exclaimed, “I like to floss, too.” Trying to impress her, I’m sure. And then somehow I extricated myself in time for Dr. Farha to come in and count Liam’s teeth, and I was able to snap a few photos. He even helped the dentist count along when asked. I like this dentist.

We’ll be back again in six months, and I’m delighted Liam did so well. No tears, no fuss. Amazing!


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