The ball is rolling

February 25, 2014 at 10:32 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Back in July we had ourselves a little incident at a pool in Maryland. We’d been visiting with friends for a few days, and I’d arrange a play date with my friend Julie, her two girls, and my friend Sarah and her daughter Jeanie, who we’d been staying with. We’d already had a few issues on our trip, but I’d had high hopes that I could visit with my friends and Liam would have a good time playing in the pool.

Instead, Liam got clingy, wouldn’t get in the water, wouldn’t play with the kids. We were the only ones there, so it wasn’t an issue of crowdedness. He wouldn’t eat what I brought and threw a huge hissy fit. I ended up spending the whole play date fuming with him in my lap, unable to catch up with my friends and wondering what the hell was wrong with my kid. Afterward, Julie got me in touch with a relative of hers in Wichita who might be able to help. She suggested Heartspring, a non-profit that deals with children and their developmental problems.

I’ve always known Liam was a little different. Even as a baby he never seemed comfortable around other people. I’ve read a lot of books on introversion and just figured that was his deal. But it honestly never occurred to me that something more serious could be going on. The director at his last preschool did mention something about occupational therapy, but he seemed to be doing so well after school started, I never looked into it.

Pages and pages of paperwork, a long waiting list, and months later, we finally got an appointment to see the child psychologist. My primary concern was his inability to cope in social situations. James thought I was overreacting. That Liam’s just an introvert like his daddy, and that he’ll outgrow whatever is going on in his formative years.

But now, after an initial meeting and another session for testing, I feel vindicated. This is not all in my head! He’s back on another waiting list for his official assessment, in which they’ll go over all the paperwork and testing, but the therapist gave me a lot of useful tips on how to help him with social anxiety and picky eating. She also recommended I get him tested for giftedness when he enters kindergarten. Which doesn’t surprise me. He already impressed the dentist with his knowledge of science, after all. It will probably take a month or two before we get more information, which may include some therapy sessions. But in the meantime, we’re going to work on some of his behavioral issues at home, particularly his bossiness and need to get his way all the time, and see what we can do to correct them.

The therapist also recommended occupational therapy to help with his fine motor skills. Cognitively he’s sharp as a whip, but he can barely write his name or hold a pencil. He gets terribly frustrated playing with Legos. We’re going back in a couple of weeks for an assessment.

The ball is rolling. And I’m feeling a lot better. Liam tried eating a grape tonight! Progress!


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  1. So glad you are getting tips. It was so helpful to have an child development educated person walk me through dealing with Syds difficult disposition. It was also nice to know there wasn’t something else underlying her problems. Hang in there!

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