Easter in Kansas City 2014

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Now that we’re only a three-hour drive from Kansas City, we could easily make it to my parents’ house for Easter this year. We drove up on Saturday and spent the afternoon dying eggs, then pasting faces, hats and hair on them. Last year Liam lamented that these hard boiled eggs were in fact real eggs that did not contain candy. But this year, thanks in part to our new stance on picky eating, he happily gobbles down hard boiled egg yolks. At dinner he had three. Yum! We also managed to get him to finish his plate of spaghetti by bribing him with a trip to his favorite place in Lee’s Summit, Dairy Queen. After much hemming and hawing (per usual), he choked down his entire dinner and we set off for DQ. My grandma Weddle was also visiting from Indiana, so while the boys walked, we drove. Liam loves the walk almost as much as the ice cream; having to cross the train tracks means he might spot a train!

Bright and early Sunday morning Liam raced to the living room to see what the Easter Bunny left him. As he pawed through his basket, he picked up a cardboard box and asked me what it was. I replied, “That’s your chocolate bunny.” To which he replied, “Why is it all squished?” Sure enough, his hollow chocolate bunny had melted on the drive up. Oops! I told Liam we should write the Easter Bunny a letter, but ever a child of the cell phone era, he said, “You should just text him!” We finally agreed that I should call the Easter Bunny Hotline and see what could be done. So I did, while he listened intently. After my “conversation” I told him the Easter Bunny would bring us by a replacement chocolate bunny tomorrow.

After his breakfast of eggs he didn’t eat because they weren’t yellow enough, bacon he wouldn’t eat because it wasn’t turkey bacon, and pancakes he devoured three at a time, he helped me hide eggs in the backyard before his cousins came over. Initially we’d planned for James to distract Liam while my mom and I hid the eggs. But we quickly discovered Liam is way too nosy for this kind of deception. Besides, he had so much fun hiding them – more fun, in fact, than finding them. When his cousins arrived and we handed the kids their baskets, Liam insisted that he didn’t want to participate because he’d been in charge of the hiding. Even though that meant less candy for him. Which was totally fine by me – he still hasn’t gotten through all of his Halloween candy from last year.

Camden and Milo joined the rest of the adults for our mid-day meal of ham, potato salad, fried brussel sprouts, devilled eggs and stuffed mushrooms while Liam and Evie locked themselves in a bedroom to play. (We made sure to put away the scissors, glue and glitter. One can never be too careful.) We had to shove off around four, and the kids were all in high spirits despite having to part. Liam’s new Harry Potter obsession made the drive a bit more bearable – now instead of a 90-minute cartoon, he’s occupied by more than two hours of live action Hogwarts wizardry.

This morning, as I should have expected, Liam suddenly remembered that the Easter Bunny owed him a new chocolate bunny. And, of course, I’d totally spaced it. So I had to tell him that the Easter Bunny said something about stopping by later in the afternoon, perhaps, conveniently, while Liam would be in preschool. So after I dropped him off at school, it was off to the store for half price Easter candy! On the car ride back home from school, I told him he had a surprise waiting for him in his Easter basket. And then, because this kid is entirely too smart for his own good, he starts asking me how his bunny even got melted in the first place. It was night time when the bunny came, certainly not hot enough to melt chocolate. Sheesh. Thankfully those niggling little doubts didn’t deter him from enjoying his new bunny in its entirety when he got home.


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