Mother’s Day Weekend and More

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Friday Liam’s preschool hosted a little Mother’s Day tea. All the moms and grandmoms were invited for a song, a special present, and some refreshments at the end of the school day. As we sat in chairs, the kids all filed in. Liam, as always, was the smallest.


They sang two cute little mother songs, both of which Liam refused to sing, as usual. But I did catch him counting to three on his fingers along with the kids in one song. I call that progress!

Then the teacher went down the line and asked each student to show their drawing of their mom and say when she looks her prettiest. Hilarious and adorable.

In case you missed it, he says, “When she has curly hair.”


He even put me in my favorite color dress. I love it!

Then we were presented with a little gift that the kids made us. One by one the children delivered their little marigolds to their moms.


And a little card that read, “I love you. Liam.” In red, naturally.

Here’s my flower.


Feeling very special, indeed.

On Saturday my parents came up for the weekend. I picked up some steaks at my new favorite butcher shop, Sigs, which isn’t new at all, just new to me. Thanks to Tracy for recommending. Then I took Liam out to the downtown Wichita Farmer’s Market. We’ve been talking a lot about locally grown foods and eating healthier. Course, I then proceeded to buy him chocolate chip cookies because he was such a well-behaved boy. But I also got some asparagus, and a delicious homemade blueberry pie. 

That afternoon I took my parents to a mother’s day ice tea tasting at my favorite (and only, apparently) tea shop in Wichita, Chelmsford Tea. They had an assortment of refreshing ice teas to sample, and some delicious hors d’oeuvres. Bought my mom a lovely blue scented soy candle and a tea called “Garden of Eden” to make at home.

Mom admired the yellow roses that were in full bloom in my front garden. Through almost no effort on my part (I think I threw some fertilizer on there a month ago when I re-did the mulch), I had a ton of pretty blooms. So we made some cuttings for ourselves. James is all for free flowers…and a way to shut me up about him never buying me any!


While we were at tea, James took Liam out to get me a mother’s day gift – a box of Godiva chocolates. So sweet!

Then it was time to grill. And just in time for a big rainstorm. sheesh.


Thanks to James for the assist. Just as I went to flip the steaks over it started hailing. But by the time they were done, the rain had stopped. And by the time we sat down to enjoy our scrumptious filet mignons, the sun was shining. Oh, Kansas!

Mom and dad couldn’t leave Sunday without lunch at BJ’s. Specifically, their new Salted Caramel Pizookie for dessert. That lasted about 30 seconds before we licked the plate clean. Yum.

The rain continued Monday for Liam’s class field trip to Tanganyika Wildlife Park. Tracy and I rode down together, and you should have heard Amia and Liam chattering away in the back seat. Highly amusing when she tried to teach him I Spy, “Liam, here’s how you play. I spy something green. It was grass! Now your turn.” LOL.

The rain tapered off as we got there, but it remained stubbornly cold. We shivered our way to the giraffes, the rhinos, the pigmy hippo. Liam was pretty good about staying with the class. He even volunteered to feed the birds…until he realized what he was in for. He quickly passed the food to me before we walked inside the enclosure, and I was immediately swarmed with parrots. Liam, of course, wouldn’t pet them. Or get very close to them. But he laughed when a bird landed on my shoulder, and another on my hat. I wasn’t the only one getting swarmed.


Bailey’s mom was making quite a ruckus, lol.


And Tracy didn’t even have any food. They were everywhere!


Sweet little Amia feeding the birdies.


And that’s as close as Liam would get. That smile of his cracks me up.

We spent the rest of our time with the kangaroos, the turtles, the bunnies, and the goats. I’m sure there was more, but we decided we’d be better off saving it for a warmer day. We stopped off at Starbucks for a hot beverage and some cake pops. Yay for field trips!


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