First Bike

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Liam’s never been much for his tricycle. We make it halfway down the sidewalk before he gives up, and I end up carrying it all the way back up to the house. He can barely reach the pedals on the big wheel, so he doesn’t fair much better with that. But I wondered if he might do better on a bike with training wheels – being above the pedals and pushing down might work better for him. At Walmart the Lightening McQueen bikes are upwards of $50 or more, which seemed steep for something he may not like and/or will outgrow in a couple of years. So imagine my delight when I discovered that this weekend was Derby’s official garage sale extravaganza. Friday morning Liam and I drove around for an hour looking for bikes at garage sales on just about every block. The search was mostly fruitless – everything was too big – when finally we came across this gem.

Bike Before

Yes, I know it’s a girl’s bike. Liam was like, “It’s pretty girlie. But pink is close to red, I guess. Hmmm.” I told him we’d run over to Lowe’s for some red spray paint. He warmed up to the idea. I tried to get him to sit on the bike before we bought it, but he said, “You have to paint it first.” Well, la-dee-da. The bike was in great shape, no rust and not much wear and tear. I considered aloud whether we should keep looking for a boys bike, but apparently (sigh, *eye roll*) Liam had shopped long enough. So much like his daddy! Fifteen dollars, and the bike was ours. Sweet!

I told Liam it was probably better that we found a girl’s bike: Girls take better care of their things than boys. To which he replied, “But I’m a boy and I take good care of my things.” Yes, dear. You’re the exception.

Four dollars more for spray paint, and the project commenced.

Bike Middle

Liam couldn’t work the spray can, so he mostly watched. But he did a great job handing me tools and helping me with the tape. After the paint dried and the bike was reassembled, a storm system parked itself over our house. Not to be deterred, he tried it out in the garage a bit. He couldn’t wait for Saturday.

In the morning I added a few personal touches, and then it was ready to take for a spin.

Bike After

Bike with LiamNot too shabby for a $20 fixer upper. You’ll see it says, “Ka-chow!” on the handlebars. I threw in some lightening bolts, too. Thought maybe we could add some foil Cars stickers to the body later. And let me tell ya: he loves it! He’ll need a little practice on the pedals, and he’ll need to build up the strength in his legs to get back up the hill. On the downhill, though, he’s a champ. In the morning he needed me to push, but on his second go in the afternoon he had it down. I still had to push him up the hill. But he was definitely getting the gist. It’ll likely be awhile before he’s ready to shed those training wheels. But I’m okay with that. For now, I’ve got a happy, mobile boy.


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  1. Very cool Liam. You have the smartest and coolest mom on the planet 🙂

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