Quality Time in KC

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Oh, Liam. We had ourselves a busy long weekend! Dad and I have been talking about riding some of the Katy Trail for months now, so I decided to make a weekend out of it. While waiting for the rain to clear out, we hit the town with the grandparents. First stop, the Nelson for their new Glass Labyrinth exhibit. I think every kid under the age of six whacked their heads into the walls at least three times in this maze. Liam was no exception, crying and demanding kisses and cuddles each time. Grandpa took his hand to help lead him through, and while dad watched one little girl on the other side of the glass knock herself silly, Liam took a sharp turn and did the exact same thing. It was hard not to laugh. But eventually we made it back out again. photo 3

“Grandpa, you’re gonna have to carry me.” Quite traumatic.

photo 5

After a scrumptious lunch at Okie Joe’s (the Z-man is the bomb!), we headed to the new Prairie Fire Museum in Overland Park. Liam had a great time running around the building, and we were eventually able to corral him into the Discovery Room to look at bugs, rocks, and dinosaur bones.

photo 4

I think his favorite were the magnifying glasses. He had a great time opening drawers and touching everything inside of them. He even helped an older girl put together a giant praying mantis. But a meltdown in the gift shop over my refusal to buy him yet another stuffed animal, and we knew Liam had had enough activity for one day.

photo 1 (1)

Saturday we met the Shavers at Union Station for lunch at Fritz’s. The kids delighted in watching our food arrive by electric train. Though my mother had the unenviable task of putting in everyone’s order – you have to ring them on a telephone at your booth. But, amazingly, the order came out right, and everyone (when not being crowded by his cousins) was happy. Then it was off to the Crayola store where Milo did all his birthday shopping, dragging around a set of paints and a few plush toys all around the store. Liam and Evie each got the same castle-themed maze book.

photo 2

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching the model trains and playing with legos. All was going well until Liam’s tower got knocked down. He was doing ok putting it back together, but one piece appeared to be missing, and he just wouldn’t. let it. go. He had a fit to end all fits, and nothing I was doing was calming him. Finally Jill scooped him up and took him out into the hallway, and I think he was so surprised he didn’t have a time to fight her off like he’d done to me when I tried to the do the same. Eventually he calmed down, and then he insisted he be carried all the way back to the car. Another over-stimulating day, I suppose – he immediately fell asleep in his booster seat.

photo 2 (1)

Sunday Liam had a nice, low-key day at grandma’s house while dad and I hit the trail. We took the bikes up the Clinton, a little over an hour’s drive from Lee’s Summit. I figured we’d cover the 15 or so miles up to Windsor in about an hour and a half, judging from my usual speed when I used to ride the trails to work. Except I didn’t figure how much harder it is to ride on chat – fine gravel over asphalt – instead of black top. And the trail was slightly more uphill on the way there. Three hours later we finally made it to Windsor for lunch. Whew! We saw some amusing sights along the way.

photo 3

photo 4

We saw a dozen or so decaying telegraph poles from the 1870s, but this one still standing directly under a highway overpass we found the most amusing. After resting up a bit in Windsor with a light lunch at Nita’s Café (and paying $2.35 for a bottle of water at the Caseys, sheesh!), we made the return trip to the truck. Dad had an odometer hooked to his bike, and just like when I was a kid, I was constantly asking if we were there yet. By about mile 20 my knees were aching and my butt had a permanent bike-seat imprint. Sometimes the chat was so loose and deep it felt like I was biking through mud. Mile 33.6 finally came, to our relief! Note to self: paved trails are cake compared to chat! Another note: be sure to check my tire pressure before I leave. Dad got out the air compressor when we got back home and managed to inflate my tires to the proper pressure and it made for a much smoother ride.

photo 5Monday, on our way back home, we stopped at The Great Mall for an impromptu play date with Miles at the Cosmic Mini-Golf place. Liam raced ahead, putting his ball about two inches from the hole and hitting it straight in, while Miles and I played a proper game. One of these days I’ll get Liam to play the right way! At any rate, Miles beat me by three points, but Liam declared himself the winner. Sure, kiddo. That sounds about right. We also found a killer pair of red shades for Liam, and now he’s looking like such a grown up boy. This summer is going too fast, and before I know it he’ll be starting kindergarten. In the meantime, we’ve still got lots of fun summer days ahead.

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