We Heart Harry Potter

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Like most kids his age, Liam tends to get obsessed by certain characters he sees on TV. For years it’s been Curious George. Then it was Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He went through about a month of watching nothing but Dinosaur Train, which I didn’t mind because of my own interest in dinosaurs. But now, finally, Liam is obsessed with something that I love, too.

A couple of months ago we put on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone on a lark, not sure if Liam would have the patience to sit through an entire film. We wondered how much he would follow it, and if it would sustain his interest. He sat through the whole thing, completely enrapt. He went downstairs and discovered there were seven more films! Mom, let’s watch them all!

We started out just watching the first three, skipping over the dementor parts in the third film because they were a bit scary. But then I started wishing we could continue the story, so I relented and let him watch the fourth one, dutifully skipping over the entire Voldemort fight scene at the end. After a few weeks of that, I figured, hey, why not watch all of these and just skip the scary parts? Liam had been begging me to let him watch all the films, and the poor kid just wants to see what happens. I was a little nervous he’d see too much and he’d have nightmares, but so far he seems fine, and it’s certainly satisfied his HP obsession. He loves the end with all of the characters grown up and seeing their own kids off to school.

About a month ago I thought we’d try reading a chapter a night from the books as well. The first night he didn’t pay a lot of attention, but each night since then he lays there listening, stopping me to ask questions from time to time. We’re almost finished with The Chamber of Secrets now. It’s been so long since I’ve read the series, it’s been really fun for me to read, as well.

Last weekend we had the babysitter over to watch Liam, and he managed to convince her to watch the last of the Harry Potter films. I’m sure he didn’t have to try hard – she told him she’d never seen it. I asked him if she’d fast forwarded over the scary parts, and he very proudly told me, no, he’d watched the whole thing with her. Like he was trying to impress her. Oh boy. Still, no nightmares, just requests to watch the whole series in a row again. And I don’t mind – I never get sick of these movies. I thought about limiting him to just the first three again, but I figure now that he’s already seen it, what’s the harm? It’s not like he can unsee it. I feel a little weird with him watching something PG-13, but I think mostly I’m afraid what other parents might think of me allowing it. And, really, it’s not like I’m letting him watch Jaws or Alien or something. It’s still a children’s story, at least.

He’s always telling me tidbits from the movie, leaning over and saying, “You know, that Whomping Willow is a really mean tree.” The other day he said something in Parseltongue, and it sounded just like the movie. Needless to say he wants to be Harry Potter for Halloween this year. And I can guarantee you he’ll want to see the new Diagon Alley at Universal when we finally make it back down to Florida. Poor kid doesn’t remember that we already took him when he was 2. He’d even had butterbeer and Bertie’s Every Flavor Beans, but couldn’t remember those, either.

It’s been really fun sharing this with him. Makes me look forward to other movies I can introduce him to, especially the ones I loved as a kid.


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