School starts a month from Monday

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I have this theory about age five…just when you start to lament that they’ll be going off to school all day, they start to annoy the hell out of you. I’m dreading the morning rush – this kid is the slowest dresser and eater on the planet – but to have an ENTIRE DAY to myself…it’ll be worth it. Come August 14, you won’t see me crying as I see him off to school. Okay, well, maybe I’ll shed a tear or two. Then I’m off for a pedicure, lunch out with mom friends, maybe curl up with a nice book. And I can finally start going back to yoga and pilates on the less crowded weekday morning classes. Yippee!

In the meantime, I’ve been trying to keep our days busy. James bought him Harry Potter Legos for the Xbox, and I’ve had to limit him to an hour a day. He’s not adept enough to play by himself, so I have to help. Fortunately the game is fun, so I don’t mind. But aside from trying to limit his screen time, I can only handle about an hour of video games at a time before I start to feel lethargic and ill. James will lock himself away for hours on end, for days at a time, trying to beat whatever new Assassin’s Creed game he’s got. I don’t know how he does that.

And, surprisingly, Liam’s been pretty good about adhering to the time limit. He’s still getting an hour of TV at breakfast, another hour at dinner, and about 30 minutes of game time on the potty, give or take. It’s a little more than I’d like, but I think when school starts we’ll be cutting down quite a bit.

Speaking of the potty, I think we’ve FINALLY made a break-through. I’m still working out the kinks of his medication, but I think the magnesium and probiotic combo is doing the trick. Plus he’s getting A LOT more fluids during the day, especially with our evening bike rides, though that’s making any attempts at night time dry diapers nearly impossible. My sister-in-law says she gets both of her step-sons up in the middle of the night to go. She sets an alarm for her 10-year-old at 3 AM. Wha?! Is this something you have to do for boys? I think I’d sooner go the alarm route than interrupt my beauty sleep. Smile Seriously, they’ve come a long way since the ‘80s, and my parents got one for me. Cured me in one night! I’ve read that boys typically wet the bed longer than girls, so I’m going to give it another year to see if Liam can work this out on his own. But then it’s alarm time! Lord, he’s gonna hate me.

Though, I’m getting used to that now. He still fights tooth and nail over what he’ll put in his mouth. We’re finally getting some real fruits and vegetables in him, but the fight was so arduous, I’m loathe to try adding anything else at the moment. However, we did try ham steak on him last night, with great success. Of course, we had to sit through, “I don’t like ham, moooom, I’m NOT going to TRY it,” for 15 minutes before I finally convinced him it was almost the same as bacon. Then he was like, “Oh, this is good. Nevermind. Can I have more?” Sheesh.

I took him to the library yesterday for a grade-school program. It was a complete disaster. Surprise. He wouldn’t sit with the other kids, wouldn’t try any of the crafts, and when I coaxed him over to the table to make a rainbow with markers and coffee filters, he started to make a scene. So I hastily took him out to the hallway to calm down. His reaction to overstimulation has morphed as he’s aged. When he was little he’d just throw a tantrum. But now he acts up, sometimes playfully, but always in an uncooperative way. I think I did the right thing removing him from the situation before it got out of hand. He burst into tears in the hallway and after holding him and calming him down, I finally coaxed him into the kids section to check out some books instead. As always it was a bit embarrassing. But the friend we met there is well aware of Liam’s little idiosyncrasies, so afterward we had her over to our house and they had a great time.

As I mentioned before, we’ve been biking every night after dinner. And every night he starts to poop out about three blocks from our house. It takes us FOREVER to get home, and I’m constantly threatening not to take him all the way to the park again. But then I do because we both really enjoy it, and he always starts out so gung ho. Tonight, though, it was the last straw. As he’s sitting there whining about how tired his legs are, I said, “I bet if there were an ice cream sundae waiting for you at home, you’d make it straight there with no more breaks.” And he was like, “Challenge accepted!” And he was off. He did take a couple of water breaks, which I allowed, but quickly started pedaling when I reminded him there was ice cream on the line. We made it home in record time. Sweet! And he happily scarfed his reward. Great idea, momma!

Wait, did I just get played?

See what I mean? Annoying. Deep breath…school’s one month away…


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