Kindergarten Learning Curve

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Liam’s not the only one learning the ins and outs of elementary school. I thought this morning would be the perfect opportunity to walk to school. He starts an hour later on Mondays, the temperature was perfect, and we’d already timed our route the week before. We had a nice, easy morning – we had time for waffles and TWO Curious George episodes. But then, suddenly, it was 8:15! Quick! A mad dash through teeth brushing, making lunch, getting shoes on, getting out the door. According to my calculations we would JUST make it. Liam assured me he could walk very fast.


What was supposed to be a nice hike on a sunny morning turned into a boot camp whine-fest. I was the drill sergeant, “C’mon, let’s get a move on!” and Liam was my reluctant recruit, “Mooom, I’m going as FAST as I CAN!” Which is to say as slow as a five-year-old can conceivably walk. As we neared the school, I could see all the kids hurrying to get inside. Liam stopped cold. There was something in his shoe. For the love of Pete!

The Kindergarten Handbook said his class would line up outside and walk in together, but it seemed we were too late for that. We hurried to the front door, dashed down the hall, and 50 feet from his classroom door, the bell rang. I understand they’re quite strict about tardies at this school, and he has to be in his seat when the bell rings. Damn, a tardy on the second day! His teacher was understanding and helped him hang up his bag and get to his seat. I said a quick goodbye, ready to be rid of my whiny counterpart. Let’s hope this doesn’t taint the whole rest of his day.

Always a glutton for punishment, I’m already scheming how to better this walk to school. Perhaps if we leave earlier? Or maybe walking to school is too ambitious, and we should save those walks for after school in the fall? Why am I even doing this? Because it bothers me the waste involved in driving him to school and back everyday. And I enjoy walking. It’s good for both of us.


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