Dog Days of Summer

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I have a morning person on my hands here. Saturday he got me up at 5:45, ready for breakfast and a bike ride. I guess all those 6:15 wake up calls all week got him conditioned for early mornings. Yay. Actually, the bike ride was pretty awesome. It’s been 100+ degrees almost every day lately, and it was only 75 when we left the house. We’re still working on stamina – about three blocks from our house he pooped out and I had to call James to pick us up. But it was nice to get on the bike again.

It was so nice, in fact, that after I dropped Liam off at school on Monday, I went for a solo ride around High Park and surrounding neighborhoods. And you know what? After riding for an hour, that uphill on the way to our house had me huffing and puffing, too! Perhaps I should cut the boy some slack.

Monday afternoon I volunteered to help out with Liam’s art class. It’s been interesting to see how he is in a classroom setting. His art skills are definitely on the rudimentary side, though he did an admirable job making a little doggy face on his construction paper. This time he was far less clingy, though at one point he got very upset that he’d done the project wrong. I wondered if that was just for my benefit – I have a feeling he wouldn’t have erupted into tears if I hadn’t been there to give him a hug. I walked around and helped the kids with their gluing, and as each child finished, they were told they could play with their “busy bags” – little bags of blocks and tinker toys at each table to keep their hands busy. Each of the kids went right for the bags…except Liam. I asked him several times, but he seemed much more content just to watch the kids at his table play. When his teacher arrived at the end of art class, she instructed them to take their seats, put away their busy bags, and signal – a little hand signal they all do with one finger over their lips and two fingers in the air, a sign to be quiet and listen. Liam went right to his seat and signaled, eager to please the adult in the room.

This morning Liam was bright-eyed and bushy tailed, finally over the cold he had over the weekend. They’re serving hot dogs today at lunch, so he wanted to try buying lunch today. That left us with extra time this morning, and when I asked him, he jumped at the chance to walk to school. And what a difference from last Monday! He practically ran the whole way, and we made it there in record time. We even had time to stop and watch the marching band practicing on the football field at the high school. Liam says someday he wants to play a trombone…made of poop. Sigh.

I left him in line behind his friend Joshua, and I overheard him excitedly telling him how he’d walked to school. I’m hoping this bodes well for future walks. It really is a nice way to start the morning.


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