Happy Birthday to Evie!

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Evie turns seven Friday, so we celebrated early at the Kansas Arboretum in Overland Park over Labor Day Weekend. We had ourselves a nice little BBQ picnic, complete with hotdogs, chips, and homemade woopie pies. Yum! Sorry no photos of the actual present opening…Liam was in a mood, ready to run around when the rest of us were ready to sit down, so I couldn’t man the camera. Besides, present pictures are so boring, don’t you think? Instead I followed these crazy kooks along the myriad foot paths all around the lush landscape. And here’s a rare sight – all four of the kids in one frame! Wow. For the most part Liam and Evie ran ahead, Camden and I  weren’t far behind, and Milo wanted to be carried, forcing the rest of our merry band to trail behind and take a lot of breaks.



Evie stopped to pet the fishes…a lot.

By mid-afternoon we were all hot and tired and ready to go home. Well, all except Liam, who dragged me, grandpa and grandma over to see the trains. Can’t leave without seeing those!



That evening we met up with James and his friends in Olathe for sushi. He and Travis had spent the afternoon playing golf in the hot summer sun. I had to bring a picnic lunch for Liam because, and I quote, “Sushi! Ewwww, grooooosss!”


I had my favorites, salmon and a smoked eel dragon roll. The sushi was only so-so IMO, but the presentation was fantastic! Everyone’s meals came out with tiny LED lights underneath. Cool!

On Sunday Dad and I biked a very ambitious 30 miles on the Little Blue Trace trail, a concrete and chat trail that runs mostly through farmland from Independence up to Atherton. We passed this scenic barn, but all I had with me was my iPhone. Still, with the wonders of Photoshop, it turned out pretty decent. Eat your heart out, Instagram filters!


The last 10 miles were brutal – the temperature was rising into the 90s, my butt was sore, and we ran out of water. Why do I always do this to myself? But the sweet reward of an air-conditioned truck and $1 sodas at Sonic soon had me forgetting all the pain and suffering. Mom wasn’t too pleased that our morning jaunt turned into an all-day affair, but she and Liam had a nice time playing games, and we did manage to get dinner fixed in time for another Shaver invasion. Mom’s famous BBQ sweet and sour pork, this time with dad as the chef. One of my favorites, and it was delish!


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