Our Little Rule Follower

September 11, 2014 at 8:54 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The weather’s been so nice that I’ve been walking Liam to and from school lately. The morning walks are a bit hectic (Bet I can beat you to the corner, Liam! Mom, don’t make this is a race!), but the afternoons have been leisurely and fun. On the way home Liam chatters away about school, mostly informing me about the rules. Today it was rules of the playground: you have to line up when the whistle is blown. Yesterday it was the librarian’s careful instructions on caring for library books. I was informed that we should always keep his book in his book bag so our hypothetical dog won’t eat it. Or hypothetical cousins won’t rip it to shreds, which is far more likely. And if the book gets a tear in it, DO NOT try to fix it! The librarian has special glue. Ok, kiddo. It’s been fun to see what kinds of books he picks out all on his own. This week it was a non-fiction book all about penguins.

A few days ago when I met him outside, he just about burst into tears. He said the teacher had given him a time out for not listening. He’d broken one of the rules! After a big hug and some reassurance, he felt much better. I remember being terrified about breaking school rules when I was a kid, too. Course, back then the principal wielded a wooden paddle.

Friday is green day in Derby. Everyone wears green to support the Derby Panthers. I even bought him a shirt. I thought surely our little rule-follower would agree to wear it when I told him that’s what everyone does on Fridays.


“I’ll wear what I want to,” he says. I figure I’ll keep trotting out this shirt and he’ll keep rejecting it until he finally decides that he’s in the mood to wear green. Perhaps this bodes well for peer pressure? He doesn’t seem to care what everyone else is doing.


What d’ya know? This morning he actually agreed to wear his green shirt. And he looks super duper cute in it! I’ll try to get a photo later.


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