The Car-eating Restaurant

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James and I couldn’t get a sitter for the weekend of our 10th wedding anniversary, so we decided to take Liam out to eat with us. I’d eaten at this Mediterranean place with one of my mom friends, and I thought James would enjoy it. Usually Liam is pretty good at restaurants, so we figured it would be an uneventful dinner.

We were wrong.

First they didn’t have chocolate milk…or any milk for that matter. But after a short outburst, he contented himself with water. As always I gave him a car to play with, and he chose one of the new ones we got from who knows where. We were seated in a booth next to a window, and he delighted in showing me how you could pull the car back on its wheels and they would spin. Very cool, Liam!

Then…disaster struck. Liam’s beloved car that he didn’t even know I had until 5 minutes before fell down a crack between the seat and the wall. Oh, the travesty! And try as we might, we could…not…reach…the…damn…thing. The gap was about an inch wide, just wide enough for a small toy (or utensil, the family sitting behind us discovered shortly thereafter) to fit into, but not wide enough for a hand to reach down.

So for the rest of the evening Liam moped and cried and whined, refusing to touch his food, and laying down in James’ lap. Finally, James suggested we run over to Target to see if we could get another car to replace it. Liam perked right up at the idea. Yeah!

Except when we got to the toy aisle, Liam insisted that we get THE EXACT SAME CAR that he lost. And, of course, they had nothing like it. I have no idea where we got that car. From a McDonald’s Happy Meal? From a birthday party? A prize from school? He has a bazillion cars at home, for crying out loud!

He cried all the way home in the car, the longest 30 minute drive of our lives. Happy anniversary to us! When we got home I cuddled with him on the couch and tried to calm him down. He was upset that I hadn’t KNOWN that something like this would happen. I laughingly replied that nothing on Yelp indicated that this was a car-eating restaurant. That got him giggling, and then I asked if he thought maybe I should write a review and warn people. “Yes, mommy, that’s a good idea.”

Days later he was still lamenting the loss of his “beloved” car. “Mommy, we need to think of a way to get it back.” He suggested knocking the building down. Okay, sweetie, that’s not going to happen. I told him I’d swing by McDonald’s to see if they have it in their Happy Meal this week, though I doubt they will. I’m sure months from now I’ll come across this car in a 50 cent bin at Walmart, triumphantly present it to the boy, and he’ll nonchalantly add it to his enormous collection with nary a recollection of the events from September. Or, more likely, he’ll still remember (this kid has a memory like an elephant!), but he’ll only play with it for a day and forget about it after that. Oh well.


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