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Liam had his first school carnival last night. I volunteered to help set up on Friday and clean up Saturday night. Liam had a half day yesterday, so after we had lunch (another first for him: Wendy’s fries dipped in a chocolate Frosty. He loved it!), we headed over to the school. His friends Ethan and Sophie were there with their mom, and while we volunteers set up games, the kids ran around the empty school. At first Liam kept trailing me, but eventually he and Sophie did some exploring on their own. This really brought back my own fond childhood memories of running around my empty elementary school while my mom set up the carnival store. And I think Liam loved it just as much as I did.

Saturday night we dragged James out for an hour of hotdogs, dime tosses, cake walks and plinko. Liam wanted to check out the bouncy house first, but then deemed it too crowded when he saw a couple kids bouncing around in there. Struck out again! I think the only way we’ll get him in one of those is if there are no kids at all! The dime toss was pretty impossible, but the duck pond was a sure thing. He also won Plinko on his very first play! We did a couple of rounds on the cake walk, and after not winning the second time, Liam gave an audible, exasperated sigh and declared he’d just have to keep playing until he WON A CAKE! We gently suggested we try another game with better odds.

Later, when I was helping with the clean up, I discovered they’d had so many cake donations that by the end of the night they were calling six or seven numbers at a time for the cake walk. We should have gone back! Oh, well, there’s always next year!


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  1. So happy for you, I remember those fun times too!

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