The training wheels come off!

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And go right back on again…

Last weekend I thought it would be fun to give two wheels a go. We’ve been talking about it all summer. We’d even picked out a long, gently sloping hill at High Park that we’d planned to try it out on. I told him we’d wait until the weather was cooler and he could wear jeans (to minimize damage to the knees, I quietly whispered to myself.) You should see this kid book it on his training wheels – they barely touch the pavement. He was ready.

Except…this is Liam we’re talking about.

He took his first go down the hill and he kind of panicked. Wait, what are we doing?! I’m going to fall down!! So we found a more level spot and tried again. He hollered, “Hold me up! Don’t let go!” And then he forgot to pedal. And running on a bumpy, grassy lot next to a teeny, tiny bike while holding the seat is kind of exhausting. So I let go. And he fell. Ungracefully. He announced that he was ready for his training wheels back now.

I reassured him all the way to the car as we went to fetch the wrench. Both James and I were quite old when we finally mastered the bike, and I told him we could try this again in the spring. I noticed I could raise the training wheels a bit, maybe giving him a chance to ease into this whole balancing thing. I even warned him that his wheels were higher, and he seemed okay with it. Until he took a curve too quickly and fell down again. Oh, the drama! Back to the car for the wrench!

Thankfully, the whole experience didn’t scar him, and he happily got back on his bike once I’d gotten everything back to the way it was. Though, in typical Liam fashion, he proclaimed that he’d have to “train all over again” now. Let’s hope we can get in a few more bike rides, and amusing selfies, before the cold weather sets in.



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