A Very Harry Halloween

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In keeping with the Harry Potter costume theme this year, I decided to paint Harry Potter legos pumpkins. Not too shabby, if I do say so m’self. I also made a lego Voldemort.


Halloween was on a Friday this year, and this was Liam’s first elementary school Halloween parade. So we got up extra early, got his costume on, drew on his lightning bolt scar with eye liner…then got halfway to school before we realized we’d forgotten his glasses and wand. D’oh! Then, with all the parents staying to watch the parade, we had to park two blocks away, which made us late. But thankfully not too late for the parade.



The cutest, tiniest Harry Potter you ever did see! I volunteered to help with his Halloween party, so I got to stay and see him in his classroom. He managed to get frosting from his cookie all over his tie and shirt (whose idea was it to provide frosted cookies with the kids in costume?!). And when all the kids got up to wrap each other in toilet paper like mummies, he adamantly refused to try it. But he did enjoy watching it, so at least he was having fun. Then the kids all got up to dance along with a song. At first Liam seemed like he wasn’t going to do it, but peer pressure won out, and he got up there and wiggled with all the rest. I think school has been very good for getting Liam out of his shell. I even caught him talking up some of the girls. “That’s right, ladies. I’m Harry Potter.” Heh.

I even had a few Harry Potter accoutrements, though hardly anyone noticed.



Before long, it was time for trick-or-treating. Last year we discovered we live in THE BEST neighborhood for Halloween. Our next door neighbors set up a whole graveyard with lights and bubbling cauldron, and they dressed up as witches to hand out special Halloween grab bags. And as we made our way toward High Park through a ritzier neighborhood, the décor got crazy elaborate. Smoke machines, sound effects, costumed neighbors jumping out of the bushes. It was awesome. One of my neighbors said there was one family that grills hotdogs every year to give out instead of candy. This would be perfect if his cousins Evie and Milo could come along with him in 2014! And it turns out that this year Evie didn’t have school on Halloween, so they were able to make the trip. Yay! Except…it was super cold. Upper 40s when we left the house. So we had to bundle them up a bit.


Evie was Fionna from Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, and Milo was Jake from the Neverland Pirates. Evie and Liam set off at a run, ringing the bells at all the houses with porch lights on, while Jill, Milo and I brought up the rear. I overheard them warning our neighbors that Milo had a peanut allergy, and Milo got double candies for his troubles. We had decided to make a circuit around the block, then go back out after Doug arrived. But once we made it in the house, Liam was ready for his costume to come off, and Milo was ready for a warm bath.

DSC_0022I’m not gonna lie. I was pretty disappointed. Liam’s haul was a fraction of last year, with hardly any Kit Kats for momma. And we’d missed the smoke machine and the sound effects. And the hotdogs! Our next door neighbor’s graveyard was as impressive as ever, so I guess that was going to have to do. While Milo got warmed up in the bath, Evie and Liam took charge of handing out candy at the door, a job they seemed to enjoy even more than trick or treating! They’d wait at the door, and as kids approached, they’d grab a handful of candy out of our bowl and run out to greet them. These two love to be in charge! After the candy ran out I managed to talk them into going back out with Doug and I. I really wanted to show off all the cool décor a few blocks from our house. But after two more houses, Liam complained that his legs hurt, so we headed back home again. Oh well. Halloween will be on a Saturday next year, so maybe we can try this again with the cousins again then. If the weather is warmer I bet we can get them to stay out longer.


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