Winter is Here

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It is seventeen degrees right now. Seventeen! And the wind makes it feel even colder. The Halloween pumpkins still adorning my porch are probably frozen solid now. Poor Liam just ran from the car to the school’s front door this morning, whining, “My nose hurts!” all the way. He does look super cute in his new red coat and hat, though. So there’s that.


We had a long Veteran’s Day weekend with temperatures in the 70s before this awful cold front blew through, and we took full advantage. We took a leisurely bike ride to High Park, probably our last of the season. Ever since our experiment on two wheels, Liam’s been super timid about hills and bumps. Hills he used to love sailing down now cause him to brake, disembark, and gingerly walk his way down to the bottom. I’m hoping next spring he’ll get his confidence up again.

We also spent a lovely afternoon at Botanica, where we saw the employees gearing up for the Christmas light show. Liam had fun following the trails of lights along the pathways, even though they were unlit. The roses were still in full bloom, but the butterflies were long gone. I’m curious to see it all lit up at night. I’m told it’s quite spectacular.

Afterward we popped over to Exploration Place. (I’m telling ya, these season passes are totally worth it!) I talked him into seeing a movie in the Dome Theater for a change of pace. It was all about black holes, supernovas and comets, kind of a doom and gloom “what would happen if a comet hit Earth?” film called Violent Universe. Liam held my hand almost the whole time, kept peppering me with questions, (Is that the comet that killed the dinosaurs? No? How about this one?), and at one point leaned over and whispered, “Space is kind of a dangerous place!” This kid cracks me up.

Now they’re calling for snow this weekend. It’s strange to think about going from smelling the roses at Botanica one weekend to sledding the next. I guess that’s Kansas for ya!


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