And Now Three becomes Four

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12-week Sono

Back in January I set myself a deadline – if I wasn’t pregnant by my 37th birthday, we’d give up trying. We’d gone almost four years without actually preventing a pregnancy and had gotten nowhere. Maybe I’d passed my prime? Maybe James had passed his? Timing is everything, so this year we made a concerted effort. And just as I was making my peace with having an only child, just as I was wondering if I really wanted to start all over again with a new baby…it finally happened. After the initial shock (I think James had figured this wasn’t going to happen for us, either!), we couldn’t be happier. I turn 37 in a couple of weeks, and this little guy or gal will have been in residence for 15 weeks.  

3 MonthsThe first trimester was full of morning sickness and fatigue, though less morning sickness than last time. As I neared the end of my first trimester, we decided to tell Liam, and that’s where the real fun began. His reaction was…priceless. I’ve never seen him so excited! He talks about the baby every day, and his questions absolutely crack me up. I’ve been keeping a “secret” pregnancy diary, which I’ve finally published here. You can read more about Liam’s hilarious insights there. Now that I’ve let the cat out of the bag, as it were, I’ll post everything pregnancy-related on my main blog.

<< I’m already showing more now than I was last time (egad!), but we were assured there are NO TWINS in there.

We should know the gender right around Christmas. And yes, we’re finding out. James wants to know everything he’s getting for Christmas every year, and this is like the ultimate Christmas surprise. Plus, I’m a consummate planner, so I think I’d have a hard time waiting until May to find out, too. I’m getting a strong “girl” vibe, though that may just be wishful thinking. My parents have three grandsons and one grand-daughter, and my in-laws have six grandsons and no grand-daughters. I think we’re due for a girl in this family! 



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  1. Hooray!! What wonderful news! I’m so excited for you guys – congrats! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to the Weddle Soap Opra “As the Family Grows” Amy and Joel are due the last week of April. Hope all goes well for both new great grand babies. We are pleased and happy for you, James and Liam. Grandma Weddle is already counting them as if they are already here. She is excited about the news.

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