16 weeks and counting!

December 4, 2014 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Back from Paris and right into the Christmas rush! I’ve got a whole Paris blog post formulated in my head, complete with a bazillion photos that I have yet to go through, but the task seems so daunting at the moment that it’ll have to wait. In the meantime I did a mountain of laundry, bought tons of groceries, and Liam has informed me it’s high time I take down my Thanksgiving décor and put up the Christmas tree already. Sheesh!

4 MonthsToday we had our 16-week checkup, heard the baby’s heartbeat, and decided against doing an amnio. We reviewed the test results from our first trimester testing, and the chances we’ll have any issues are pretty slim. Not enough for me to subject my poor belly to a long, scary needle. So far everything’s on track. I only gained 2 and a half pounds, which surprised me what with all the eating we did in Paris. But we also did a lot of walking, which probably offset all the bread and cheese. I think the doc was a little surprised by my bump. His exact words were, “Whoa, you’ve got a belly now! That wasn’t there last time!” LOL. This doctor cracks me up. I’ve been feeling niggly little wiggles, especially when I lay on my belly during Pilates class. I told Liam I could feel the baby kicking, and he immediately wanted to feel my belly. But he probably won’t feel anything for another month or so.

We made our next sonogram appointment for December 23rd, and with any luck, we’ll know if this is a little boy or a little girl just in time for Christmas! Liam will be in attendance, and he’s super excited to see the baby “up on the big TV.”

Being sick and going to Paris took its toll, so I’m not feeling that second trimester glow. My back aches more, and I’ve already started wearing my support belt. I’m also really tired in the afternoons – I’ve been napping every day this week. I have to set an alarm so I don’t forget to pick up Liam at school. I’m hoping as my body recovers from flying (which I’ve decided sucks at ANY stage in pregnancy. Ugh.) and from my cold, things will improve. The winter weather doesn’t help. I’m missing Florida now more than ever. I remember my second trimester with Liam being such a joy, but that was right through the end of summer and into fall, and I was traipsing around in my summer maternity wear, barefoot in the grass and playing with little baby Evie. This time around I’m looking at our shabby yard, too tired to rake (think we’ll get the lawn guys to do that), and too tired to hang any Christmas lights outside. My fleece robe and slippers are becoming a permanent part of my wardrobe.


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