And the verdict is…

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I said I was having a strong girl vibe, and mama’s intuition was correct! Liam tried to argue with the sonogram technician. “You must be wrong…I see a pee pee!” But after three swipes, she confirmed that we were definitely having a girl. Yippee! James and Liam weren’t nearly as excited. Liam was angling for a little brother, and James dreads the teenage years with a daughter. However, I think the idea is growing on both of them.

So, of course, we’re completely unprepared for a girl. We have all boy clothes, boy toys, and we even had a boy name picked out. But to me that’s the fun of it all – now I get to brainstorm name combinations, buy a girlie car seat, get some cute little tights and dresses. The grandparents are super excited to finally be welcoming a girl to the family, and Evie is excited to be getting a girl cousin! And I’m glad I get to experience motherhood from a mother-daughter perspective this time around. I’m sure it’ll have its challenges, but I’m sure it’ll have its rewards, too.


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