Liam’s Sixth Birthday Party

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Happy Birthday to Liam! Again! This time we had no illnesses and no weather events, so the party was a go. I had it all planned out:

I would hang decorations:



James would make cotton candy:


And the kids would decorate animal masks and creature power discs, which tied in with our Wild Kratts theme:


I even made a sample mask. Hoot, hoot!


Then the kids and parents arrived, and it got a little chaotic. Liam started running around like a lunatic. Some kids didn’t want cotton candy, some kids didn’t want to make masks. But somehow I managed to get them all seated at the table and instructed them. Liam colored his Gila monster in about 5 seconds, didn’t want to make his creature power disc, and didn’t want to put his mask on. But most of the other kids seemed to enjoy it, particularly the girls.



I was hoping since Liam had gotten so crafty lately this would be right up his alley. But I think it ran contrary to his particular mood, which was “I want to run around the house like a crazy person and eat my cake!” So what I hoped would take a full thirty minutes of coloring, stapling, gluing and taping was instead finished in about 10 minutes. We had eight kids, including Liam, and just as many adults, but I think the set up worked well, allowing the kids to craft in the dining room and the parents to visit in the living room.

And at least I got the kids to pose with their masks – that was part of the plan! Though Liam was supposed to be in the front row…you can’t hear him in this photo, but he’s off camera whining, “I want my caaaaake!”


My cousin Sarah came with her eight-year-old twin boys, Logan and Ethan, and her husband, Vance, who I hadn’t seen since Marvin’s 80th birthday four years ago. A few of our regular play dates we met in preschool came: Amia, Chloe and Brayden. And we had Sophie and Ethan, our neighbors that we’ve gotten to know quite well this year.

The cake was great – I ordered a personalized marble flavor sheet cake from Dillons with a jungle theme decor that Liam picked out, and Happy Birthday Liam in white icing. Then it was on to presents!


Brayden was happy to help. His mom kind of scolded him, but our Liam is always happy to get help opening presents. (Oh, the present fatigue!)


He got a couple of lego sets, a couple of remote control cars, a big truck and a nerf gun. All great toys, which he immediately wanted to play with that evening.

So craft, cake, presents…I looked at the clock, and we still had more than an hour left of this party. Do’h! So we set the kids loose downstairs and hoped for no major altercations. Liam cried a few times over slight injuries, mostly in the trampoline, which is hard to manage with a lot of kids. I had told them one at a time, mostly because of the bigger kids, but it was hard to supervise them. So instead I decided to have some well-earned grown up time upstairs, enjoy my hors d’oeuvres and adult conversation, and let the chips fall where they may. A few guests left before I remembered to hand out the party favor bags (D’oh!), but they were guests we see often, so no big deal. Brayden was having so much fun, and I was having so much fun talking with his mom and bonding with her new little six-week-old, that we let them play until about five. Liam did a lot better one-on-one. I think all of the noise and activity was getting to him, though he did a lot better than we thought he would. A year ago we would have had to take him in another room for some quiet time, but kindergarten has come a long way in helping him handle crowds and chaos.

James, on the other hand, needed his quiet time after the party was over. I think he initially thought he’d get to hole up in the bedroom while we had the party, but I really needed his help, and he stepped up without complaint. It helped that we had a dad and a grandpa there for him to chat with. But come four o’clock, I think he was ready for this party to be over. They both were, really. My sweet introverts! 

Overall I’d call this a success, and I had a lot of fun putting it together. I so rarely get to entertain that this was a treat for me. Though I’m thinking next year we’ll forego the party and just invite a few kids out for bowling or something.


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