Baby Update: 6 months

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I’m sitting pretty at 23 weeks, and just as I mentioned during my last pregnancy, I’ve hit the pregnancy sweet spot. No back pain, no nausea, no swelling. Just my sweet baby girl kick, kick, kicking away. I went in for my 24-week exam just a touch early, and everything was measuring fine. Including my weight, woo-hoo! The doctor seemed a bit taken aback by the size of the, erm, bump. But then he reasoned that I’m a short person, so it’s going to show more on me. I look forward to hiding my ever-increasing belly (and boy, will it ever increase) under cute spring dresses this time around.

6 months

Oh, if only I could stay this size for the next three months! I saw an actress on TV who was sporting the same size bump at 8 months along. So not fair.

The only downside at this stage I’ve encountered is some slight discomfort when lying on my back for a long time. I read that I should be sleeping on my side, that sleeping on my back decreases the blood flow to the baby. So every night I dutifully cocoon myself in with a body pillow, just to wake up several times back on my back. Doc says not to be too concerned. I will have to be mindful in my Pilates class of not staying on my back for more than a couple minutes at a time. I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to modifying, and my instructor is a veteran mom of three, so I’m in good hands.

Next visit is the dreaded glucose test. I’ve got to drink (chug) this sickeningly sweet liquid, wait an hour, then get blood drawn. Even more dreaded is the possibility of needing to take the second test, which I had to do last time. As I recall I only passed that second test by one point, and my doctor suspected one of the reasons Liam came so early was that I had gestational diabetes after all. So I’m crossing all my fingers and toes, hoping this time around I’ll be in the clear. Otherwise trimester three will be an even bigger bummer than usual. Wish me luck!

In other news, I ordered a new dresser set for our bedroom, so come February we’re going to get serious about setting up the nursery. We have to do some massive rearranging, moving everything out of the guest room and putting it…somewhere. After careful measuring we did find a home for all of the bookshelves, and I think if we clean out our big downstairs closet, that will buy us more space for all of James’ crap…um…I mean, precious role playing and audio books. The loft, which has been a repository for most of James’ stuff, will be our new guest room. I’m really looking forward to actually having a nursery to decorate this far in advance. Last time I felt like we just threw the room together a few months after Liam was born. This time I can leisurely go through and put away clothes, get the crib put together, and decorate the room to my heart’s content. We’re doing a teddy bear theme, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but the rooms in this rental house are pretty elaborately painted. I’m sure it’ll be super cute. And it’ll keep me from going overboard with the pink and purple.


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