Differences this time around

January 29, 2015 at 12:01 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Moms of two or more kids have told me that each pregnancy is different. What I neglected to consider is how different I am six years later, as well. I feel like I’m taking much better care of myself, and I’m being proactive about some of the symptoms I remembered from last time. Liam and I take our daily Miralax doses at breakfast together, with strawberry milk and hot tea, respectively. I think the added, erm, regularity is doing us both some good. I’m taking vitamin B supplements, which initially helped with my morning sickness, but now help boost my energy. I’m getting plenty of vitamin C to help get me through cold and flu season, and my sinuses are so much better this time around. I remember I could hardly breathe through my last trimester with Liam, and my feet swelled horribly. Time will tell if that last symptom rears its ugly head, but I’m hopeful the added exercise I’m doing will help with that. I’m still doing weekly prenatal yoga and twice-weekly Pilates classes. And I do about 45 minutes on the exercise bike two or three times a week. My eating habits are questionably healthy – I really get to jonsing for a burger and fries once a week, and I’ve been indulging at the movies twice a month while Liam goes to school. And I’m still getting through the sweets from Christmas. But my weight is still right on track, and most of the time I’m mindful of what I’m eating. I’ve had zero back pain, only slightly achy if I’ve been doing any lifting or rigorous cleaning. I’ve hardly had to wear my pregnancy support belts at all.

Of course, it’s not all sunshine and roses. My skin is just horrible this time around, horrible! I feel like a teenager again. But my skin wasn’t even this bad back then. I’ve got some rashes and stretch marks, too, yay! All this extra blood pumping around makes my head feel sort of swollen most of the time. It’s a weird feeling. And I can’t seem to get comfortable when I sleep, no matter how many pillows I prop around me.

The cravings this time around are a bit different, too. Last time it was queso, queso, queso! James teased me that Liam was going to come out Mexican! This time I’m really into eggs, popcorn, and avocado sushi rolls. I’m eating a hard boiled egg every morning, I can’t turn down popcorn at the movies…ever, and every time I make a grocery store run I pick up a sushi roll from the Dillons sushi counter. Don’t worry, it’s always cooked or vegetarian. And it always has avocado. Yum! I also crave wine and margaritas, which of course I haven’t indulged in. But you better believe momma’s gonna get her wine on this summer, moderately, of course. I remember how much work newborns were. But for some reason, I’m still looking forward to it. Delusions in pregnancy, I call it!


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