Liam’s Kindergarten Shenanigans

February 17, 2015 at 12:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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We had Liam’s second Parent-Teacher conference last week, and all is going well both socially and academically. He’s improved his reading skills, which was an area he needed to work on last time. And he’s been playing more with the toys in the classroom and with other kids, now that he’s gotten used to the place. He’s also been better about staying on task and finishing his school work, due in large part to his new seating arrangement:


A little blue pillow and footstool were just what he needed to improve his posture and keep him from fidgeting. We may have to do this for him at home, too. My feet never reached the floor when I was in school, but nobody ever gave me a footstool!

We did have one question for the teacher – Liam told us he had to move his stick for doing something naughty the week before, though we couldn’t seem to figure out what he did. His teacher laughed and told us the story: Apparently during a coloring exercise, the teacher spied him leaning back in his chair, content as could be, as the girl next to him colored his page for him! Why didn’t I think of this months ago, he was probably thinking! So the teacher called both kids over and explained that it was ok to help him with work, but not ok to do it for him, and she had both kids move their sticks to the green (a first warning), just to let the lesson sink in. I have a feeling little naïve Liam had no idea what he was doing – she probably offered to color and he happily accepted. What a goofball!

All during the conference Liam played quietly with Legos, which got us thinking we should get him one of those Lego piece sets soon, maybe for Easter. All the Legos he has now are parts of box sets, so he doesn’t get much chance to build freely.



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  1. I bought a TUB of lego compatabile bricks at an on-line garage sale, more than we will ever use. When are you next coming this way? I can share with you!

    • Yes, that would be awesome! Liam was just asking me if I’d gone to the store and gotten him some. I’ll be in town the weekend of Feb 28. I’ll email mom and see if we can get together.

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