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March 2, 2015 at 7:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment
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In honor of Dr. Suess week, the kids at Liam’s school all dressed up as the job they’d like to someday have. He told me this weekend he wanted to be a school principal. I told him usually you’d be a teacher first, so he got his plan in order: he’ll teach first grade, and then when Mrs. Sites retires, he’ll take over her job as principal. Fair enough.

So this morning I got him dressed up in his nice white shirt and one of daddy’s ties, and I wrote him a name tag that said, “Mr. Fletcher.” When he got to school, Mrs. Sites was stopping kids to ask them what they dressed up as, and when he answered “school principal,” she just couldn’t resist taking him under her wing for a day. He excitedly told me all about it when he got home from school. First she let him dismiss each table after lunch, something the principal always does. Then she took him down to her office and told him all the things a principal does. As he described it, “Working at a computer, and calling the moms when the kids have to come to the office for being bad.” Then she took this adorable photo of him sitting at her desk. 

After school, Mrs. Sites gave me a call to tell me all about it, and asked if they could use the photo in the school newsletter and maybe even the website. James and I joke that Liam is the teacher’s pet. Now he’s the principal’s pet, too, lol! I’ll definitely be hanging on to this photo…and who knows, perhaps he’ll want to hang it in his office if he actually DOES become a school principal when he grows up!

And, wow, what a great principal Liam has!


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  1. Now there’s a man that knows exactly where he is going. What a great post and a great picture of Mr. Fletcher.

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