8 months and counting

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31 weeks sono

8 Months

We got another sneak peek at baby Vi last week, and all is looking good. We warned Liam that there was a slight possibility they’d discover she was actually a boy, so that was on his mind when we all sat down and started looking up at the monitor. And, boy, was he in rare form! It was all I could do to stop laughing long enough for the technician to wave that little wand on my belly. He had us all in stitches, just talking, talking, talking. I wish I could have recorded it. At one point we got a very clear shot of her girl parts, confirming once and for all that he was getting a sister, and he remarked, “I know, boys have a penis. You know what? I have a penis.” Oh lord. As we finished up our session, the technician handed Liam his very own 3D copy with “My Sister” written on it because he’d really brightened up her day.

Apparently Violet has a bunch of hair, just like Liam did, and I think I glimpsed her sucking her thumb. We’ve still got a ways to go – May 19 is still a couple months away – but I have a feeling it will go quickly.

Immediately after our appointment, Liam and I hopped in the car and drove three hours to grandma and grandpa’s house. I took one break to stretch my legs at a rest stop, and when I arrived at mom’s I noticed my feet and hands had swollen a bit. It astounds me that James and I drove three days from Kansas City to Maryland at this same stage in my first pregnancy. Granted I was in worse shape then – my feet were terribly swollen, I could hardly breathe through my nose, and I was bordering on gestational diabetes – but I’m still grateful that this spring break trip to KC is going to be my last until our little arrival.

I’m feeling pretty good this time around, all things considered. I’m wearing old lady nightgowns to bed now, which James finds highly amusing. The support belt is a daily must, and even with the whole getup on, I have to watch that I don’t push myself too much. Last night Liam’s school held a “Twilight Trot” at one of the school tracks. The kids and parents could walk around the track for an hour to get some exercise. I went about four laps, resting for a fruit break (Liam ate a whole banana!), and Liam left me in the dust once we found his teacher. He did a couple more laps with her and her friends…a little guy in a striped shirt pumping his little legs to keep up. So adorable. When we got home, the evening’s exertions made themselves apparent – sciatica pain up my left leg and side left me limping around the house. James had to take on the entire bed time routine while I soaked in a bath and went to bed early. Thankfully I woke up this morning feeling much better. And just in time for my monthly prenatal massage! Mmmmm…

We’ve got a lot planned for April: a trip to Botanica for the Fairy Houses and Forts exhibit, Easter with lots of big outdoor presents, tickets to the live-action Wild Kratts show downtown, and a small baby shower at the Olive Garden should keep us busy. We still have to put together the crib (you can tell from the photo), and we found a cute lavender bassinet that also needs assembly. My mom is hard at work re-upholstering our glider, and I’m sure to have a lot of girly baby clothes to launder and put away. I signed Liam up for a Big Kids & Babies class at the hospital May 2, and myself up for an infant CPR class the following week. I’m banking on Violet staying put for as long as she’s supposed to, at least to 37 weeks. Ideally she’ll wait until school is out, just a few days after her due date. But not too long – I have a feeling by May I’m going to be sick of being so fat and immobile.  


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