Easter Weekend 2015

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Our attempts at a selfie at the Easter Egg Hunt at the high school. This child!


This is the first year Liam was truly gung ho about a public Easter Egg Hunt. We were able to walk there from our house, then he waited (not so patiently) for them to holler, “Ready, Set, Go!” for his age group. But then he took off right for the middle, avoiding the cluster. Smart boy! After counting his eggs, he asked, “So, did I win?” Yes, son, you won 35 eggs. Sheesh.

When we got back home, this was waiting for him, along with a new T-ball set.


I anticipate much backyard fun this spring and summer.

Easter morning Liam burst into our room at 7 AM to inform us that we needed to get up IMMEDIATELY so he could find Easter eggs. He had three in his hand already that he’d found on his way to our room. Holy cow, this is almost as bad as Christmas morning! So we trudged to the dining room to check out the booty in his Easter basket – two books, a bubble shooter, and the requisite chocolate bunny rabbit – then emptied the contents so he could hunt for his eggs. I got a bit lazy with the candy this year, using those 35 eggs he gathered the day before and filling the rest with leftover Valentine’s candy and quarters. Fifty-nine eggs in all, and he managed to find them all in about 30 minutes. Then it was time for breakfast!


Yum, can I have this every Saturday?


Uh, no. Especially because he left all the fruit on the plate. Next year I’m going to try and cook the fruit INTO the pancake.

Going through all of his eggs and putting all the candy in his basket managed to keep him busy for the rest of the morning. He was the most excited about the quarters, running into our bedroom every time he found one and keeping a continuous tally of how much he had. He was also thrilled to try chewing gum, something I’d been staving off until I was certain he would not swallow or spit out on the floor. Nothing irks me more than spent gum on the floor (or furniture, egad!). He very dutifully threw each piece in the trash when he was done with it. Good boy!

We counted up all of his money, including what he’d been saving in his piggy bank for months, then after school Monday, at his insistence, we went to Target to spend it. After hemming and hawing over toys he couldn’t afford, he finally settled on a fishing game. We’re getting a lot more regimented about chores lately, so I told him he’d get 4 quarters every Sunday if he completed them all for the week. So far we’ve got him making his own bed, brushing his teeth, picking up his room, doing his homework, and dressing himself for day and night time. He’ll also help me cook and help empty the dishwasher on occasion when it’s practical. Jill told me Evie would balk at such a low allowance. Let’s hope she doesn’t talk him into negotiating for more when she visits next weekend, lol.


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