Getting Ready…and waiting

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I had my 34-week check up, and all is progressing normally. In two more weeks the doctor will start assessing whether little Violet is preparing for her grand entrance, and I’ll start seeing the doctor once a week after that. It’s strange to contemplate that after next week I’ll be crossing into new pregnancy territory. I only made it 35 weeks into my pregnancy with Liam. Let’s hope I didn’t jinx anything by making all of these plans.

IMG_3544First up, this weekend we’re going to get serious about setting up the nursery. The crib needs assembly, and we need to get the glider up there so I can see what size end table to buy. James and I are also going to switch sides of the bed so I can fit the new bassinet next to me in our room. It’s lavender and girly and perfect! Thanks to my mom-in-law!

Next weekend my mom and sister are throwing me a small baby shower – just lunch and presents at the Olive Garden. I can’t wait to see all the cute girly clothes! Which reminds me…I should add baby’s laundry to my to-do list…

One thing I did recently check off, though, is the tour of the Birthing Center. Our hospital has a separate, more upscale building just for deliveries, and as long as I can make it to 36 weeks, I should be able to deliver there. The rooms are spacious and inviting, and they even include an attached room for family if they choose to stay for awhile. We’ll have to see how that goes – my parents are on standby to drive up when things Get Real, and I’ve got a neighbor who can pick Liam up at school if need be. My in-laws are planning to visit for Memorial Day weekend, which could conceivably overlap the birth if Violet’s a week late. So we may have a lot of family in town, such a far cry from our experience with Liam! Most of the family didn’t even get to meet him until he was 2 months old.

Speaking of Liam, Mr. Proud Big Brother will be attending a sibling class at the hospital the first weekend of May. Hopefully it’ll be more entertaining for him than our tour of the Birthing Center. I had hoped we’d get to see some babies in the nursery, but I guess they don’t do that anymore – all the healthy babies stay in their rooms, and sick babies go to the hospital. He heard the nurse say there was a tunnel under the street from the Birthing Center to the hospital, and he perked up at that, begging to see it and whining when we told him it was just for patients. I think he’s hoping Violet will need to go to the hospital and he can hitch a ride on her gurney. Wheeeee!

So now we’re just waiting. Violet is increasingly getting herself into more uncomfortable positions…for me, at least. Little fingers under the ribs, turning sideways and bulging her head and butt in funny directions. And kicking, oh the kicking! And constant hiccups, it seems. Sleeping is getting increasingly more difficult. The other night I think I pulled a groin muscle trying to roll over. I woke up James with my startled cry, probably freaked the poor guy out! He’s not sleeping well, either, I’m afraid. Between my constant trips to the bathroom all night and my (occasional?) snoring, it’s a wonder that either of us sleep a wink. Sometimes I wake myself up with my own snoring!

Household chores are getting increasingly more difficult to do, too. I’ve been breaking up my cleaning routine over three days, tackling a two-hour stretch of the house at a time, but I can really only manage that every other week. Otherwise I’m just doing the bare minimum. Which kills me…I can’t stand when my house is dirty. But it’s something I’m going to have to get used to. I’m sure keeping the house clean won’t be a priority once Violet arrives. Naps. Naps will be the priority.

I’ve been getting intermittent contractions lately, along with an increased frequency of those squeezy Braxton-Hicks contractions, something I don’t remember experiencing too much last time. Thankfully since I’m not working I can take the time to drink some water, lie down, get in a warm bath, or do some yoga poses to help calm things down. All part of the process, doctor says.

And I’m still keeping up with my thrice-weekly yoga routine. I’ve started bringing in a wedge pillow and using a rolled up mat to help prop me up when it’s time to lie on our backs. All the stretching really does help, so I’m going to keep up with for as long as I can. I can probably squeeze in one more prenatal massage, too. Much pampering this time around. Hey, I’m six years older now. I need it!

James has been a big help getting Liam to bed when I’m really not feeling up to it. I have good days and bad days…which unfortunately doesn’t bode well for Liam’s upcoming zoo field trip. His teacher said it was ok if I played it by ear and paid at the gate. But considering that even a walk to the high school and back for the Easter Egg hunt last weekend gave me swollen feet and an achy back, despite wearing all my maternity belts, it’s not looking good. Oh well. Maybe I can go next year. 


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