Baby Shower and Liam’s First School Music Program

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DSC_0018We had our little baby shower for Violet on Saturday, and it was a perfectly lovely, low-key affair. We all met at the Olive Garden for lunch and presents, with seven in attendance. I got lots of cute girly stuff, including these purple (of course!) bibs from Jan and adorable outfits from my mom. My friend Tracy got us this wonderful framed photo holder with Violet’s name, which I can’t wait to hang up in the nursery. And we’ve received a lot of gifts from our out-of-town family and friends, very much appreciated. With six years between kids it’s amazing how much we still needed. We finished off lunch with these yummy homemade red velvet cupcakes. My mom made the little buttons, of course. They say, “Cute as a Button.”


Liam stayed home with his dad and grandpa while he play, play, played with his cousins. Apparently they had a great time and didn’t tear up the house TOO much. Sleeping arrangements were a bit chaotic – Evie ended up crawling into bed with my parents in the guest room because she refused to sleep on the couch near her brother (oh, the drama!), and Liam was upset that I wouldn’t let Evie sleep in his bed (from past experience, that never ends well). I fear everyone was a bit cranky from lack of sleep on Sunday, but we let the kids get all their wiggles out at Jumpy Jump Land for awhile. As always, Liam wished his cousins could stay the whole week. But, alas, they all had school Monday.

My parents decided to stay a few extra days to see Liam’s first school music program Tuesday night. It was flippin’ adorable, as you can probably imagine.




I’m particularly proud of Liam for actually singing and performing, something he wouldn’t do for his preschool performances. Just like his mama (and probably his daddy), he was in the front row, tiniest in the class. He did a great job following along with the music teacher, sometimes very seriously studying her every move, which was hilarious. And he was very proud of himself and his classmates for putting on “the best” show, as he put it. Very good, son!

No surprise, Liam wanted grandma and grandpa to stay the whole week. He said, “When grandpa leaves, I’ll just have to play with boring MOM!” Fortunately, I expect my parents will be back before we know it. We even joked that they may have to turn right around if Violet decides to come earlier than expected. I’m headed to the doctor’s tomorrow to assess exactly how ready she is at the moment. I still have four more weeks until my due date, but she really could come at any time. Exciting stuff!


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