36 weeks and 4 more to go (in theory)

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9 months

I’ve hit quite a milestone this week. Liam was born at 35 weeks, so this is the pregnantest I’ve ever been (Is that a word? It should be.) And, boy, am I ever feeling it. My ankles and hands are swelling big time, and it’s a minor miracle that I can get out of bed in the morning (along with the three or four visits to the bathroom all night long.) I’m having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions, and she’s still moving around like crazy. Mostly she kicks me in the ribs these days. We had our 36-week check-up today, and I gained a whopping 6 pounds since my last visit. The doctor assured me that’s mostly water weight. But, still, 42 pounds seems like a lot to gain for someone my size. Ugh.

He measured my belly…then measured again (like good ol’ Bob Vila) just to make sure that I am indeed measuring larger than normal. Apparently my belly should correspond to the number of weeks along I am, and I’m up to 40 cm now. He ordered another sonogram for next Wednesday just to see how much of that is baby and how much is fluid. Assuming I don’t go into labor before that – it seems Vi is already head down, 60% effaced (whatever that means), and I’m about 2 cm dilated. Nothing to be concerned about, but the doc said at this point I could go in two weeks or I could go tomorrow. But he doubts very much that I’ll surpass my due date. So much for that intuition!

As uncomfortable as I’m feeling, I hope to go at least another couple of weeks. Not only do I have a few appointments I’d like to keep, but she will likely sleep and nurse better the closer to full term she gets. Of course, she’ll also be heavier then, too. Oh well.


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