37 weeks, are we there yet?

April 29, 2015 at 2:24 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

No cute baby bump photo, and no cute sonogram photo, sorry to say. The former because I’m looking (and feeling) like Jabba the Hut lately, and the latter because baby Vi is so far head down that cute little profiles were impossible to get in today’s sonogram. What we could ascertain was that she has a ton of hair (hopefully curly locks like her mama’s), and she’s about 7 pounds 8 ounces, give or take a half a pound. Doc says that’s in the 87th percentile. Holy crap! Which hopefully explains my whopping 2 pound weight gain since last Thursday, though I’m willing to chalk that up to being weighed at a different office than I normally am. He measured my belly and I gained another cm this week, now at 41. My amniotic fluid was normal, so it’s looking like I’m just carrying a very big baby. There’s not a whole lot to be done, apparently, but to hope she comes out sooner rather than later. They won’t induce prior to 39 weeks, and from what I’ve read, that won’t really help much anyway. Sunday night I had contractions all night long, and I really thought we’d be going to the hospital by morning. But everything calmed down by the time I had to get Liam up, and since then I’ve had the odd painful contraction here and there, maybe twice a day, but that’s it. Despite the cramped quarters, Violet sees fit to kick the crap out of me on an hourly basis. I’m beginning to think her exit strategy consists of ninja kicks and karate chops.

I keep slathering on this snake oil, I mean, stretch mark oil to practically no avail, cinching in my maternity belt just to stand upright, and I’ve pretty much given up on yoga at the Y because of the arthritic-like aches in my hands and ankles (and the aforementioned Jabba the Hut similarity). James is sleeping in the guest room now, and I’ve fashioned myself a cocoon of pillows in the middle of our king size bed. And yet I’m still wide awake from about 3 – 4 AM, plus all the trips to the bathroom. Lazing around the house has kept my ankles from swelling up like they did when my parents were here. Tomorrow I’m getting a much-needed haircut, and Friday James has an important day of swearing in citizens. After that, we want our baby girl now, pleasethankyou.



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  1. May the forth be with you and Vi!

  2. Hey, VI is the Roman numeral for 6!

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