Gonna be a Big Brother Soon!

May 5, 2015 at 10:20 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments
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Liam and I attended a “Big Brother/Sister” sibling class at the birthing center on Saturday, and it really got him into the spirit. They set up activity centers all around the room – Liam especially liked bathing, diapering, and dressing a little doll (whose skin had to match his own, he said. Nothing gets by him.) and figuring out which toys were a choking hazard and sorting them into bins. They gave each kid a button to wear, which of course Liam refused to put on because it had a “sharp part on it.” Why am I not surprised, LOL? Then it was time for a short slide show where the kids learned what newborns do (Drink, Sleep, Cry and Fill their Diapers, snicker, snicker). At the end the nurse quizzed the kids, and Liam eagerly raised his hand and informed the class, “Our baby is going to drink milk from my mom’s boobs!” The other six-year-old in the class got quite a laugh out of that. Who am I kidding, so did I! We went on a brief tour of the birthing rooms, and then one very generous mom let the kids see her newborn baby at the door of her suite. Such a tiny little thing! I have a feeling Vi will be plumper and noisier than that sweet little infant. The class ended with the kids stamping their footprints with the intention of comparing it to the one in their baby books. D’oh! I never did do that for Liam! But I think he’ll get a kick out of comparing it to Violet’s footprint, which I’m determined to get for her baby book this time around.

Today I’m officially 38 weeks pregnant, and there’s no sign Violet is ready to budge. I wondered if she might come on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!), or maybe Cinco de Mayo. But what started out seeming like allergies this weekend feels like a mild cold now, and I’m wondering if my body will decide it’s in my best interest to get well before going into labor. James wondered this morning if all my coughing will induce labor. I guess we’ll see. I go back to the doctor on Thursday for a checkup, so we’ll see if things have progressed. Perhaps she’ll come right in time for Mother’s Day this Sunday?

In the meantime, I’ve been instructed to put my feet up and drink plenty of water, otherwise my feet swell up like a Macy’s Day parade balloon. Which is harder than it seems – despite all the help with cooking and laundry James has put in, I still find lots of things to do around the house that involve standing or sitting at the computer. Um…like blog updating…



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  1. Get ready, tomorrow is the day! Happy Mothers Day!!

  2. Oh shoot, looks like I was wrong 😦

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