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When we first brought Liam home with that overwhelming amount of literature and instructions, one thing I recall clearly was tracking his every feeding and bowel movement. I had a little worksheet and I had to tabulate all of his comings and goings in pencil. My sleep-addled brain could hardly keep up, and I pretty much gave it up after a couple of weeks.

This time around I discovered there’s an app for that. In fact, there are many, and after a couple of tries, I found one I liked called Baby Tracker. It’s free with annoying ads, or $4.99 without. Now with the click of a button I can record what precisely was in that diaper, set a timer when I nurse, keep track of which side I nursed from last, set an alarm to wake her up to eat, and track all the stats on a weekly or monthly basis. I can also keep track of pumped and stored milk, and add milestones like weight and height. Very high tech!

Another difference this time around: social media. Fellow moms are simply a query away on Facebook. Violet has just recently gotten very fussy during her feedings – she might have gas, or she might object to the way the milk tastes, who knows? I thought it might have been the spicy meals I ate the last two nights, so I posted something on FB about it and got almost a dozen replies. We’re trying a colic remedy my friend Jessaca recommended, and I’m also going to track what I’m eating and how she seems to respond. I’m also pulling out all the Happiest Baby on the Block material that worked on Liam: swaddling, shooshing, and bouncing her on the yoga ball calms her right down (for the moment, anyway.) I think I spoke too soon when I described her as “chill.” 


Liam has been a rock star big brother. (As much as can be expected from a six-year-old, at least.) I’m pleased that we spaced them as far apart as we did. He’s eager to turn the diaper champ (though he adamantly refuses to actually TOUCH the diapers). He’s totally fascinated by the breast pump and insists on “helping” by putting all the parts together and turning the machine on and off for me. For the most part he’s willing to turn over the yoga ball when we need it to bounce Violet to sleep (it’s one of his favorite toys, especially when he’s upstairs). Next week will be the real test, though. James has been doting on me the last four weeks, and he has to return to work on Monday. So we’ll see how Liam does when I’m busy with Violet and daddy can’t jump in to help.

How lucky am I to have my hubby home for a whole month to help with the baby? Actually, I think we’re both ready for him to go back to work, lol. As much as I love having him here to help out, what I really need is a mind-reading full-time live-in maid. And James, bless his heart, has gotten the lion’s share of Violet’s various excretions. I think he’s ready to get out of this madhouse, at least from 8-5 on weekdays. 


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