Violet is 1 month old!

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One month down! It’s been a chaotic one, but rewarding, nonetheless. Here’s what my little girl is up to:

  • Worst baby acne ever! Her poor sweet face is just riddled with pimples right now. And that stubborn V-shaped stork bite right between her eyes is fading ever so slowly. But she’s still the most beautiful girl in the world.
  • As you can see in this photo, she’s lifting her head up pretty well for her age. I joke that both Liam and Vi have excellent head control because I don’t support their little necks all that well – I prefer to hold babies upright, even when they’re this young. We do a fair amount of tummy time, too.
  • Violet only has eyes for me…well, or rather, my boobs. James tried feeding her a bottle of breast milk last night and she just kept spitting the bottle nipple out. She also won’t take a pacifier, even the new ones I bought that were specifically for her age and touted their “natural, nipple-like” qualities. I don’t really mind, but I think James is disappointed. We’ll try again in a few days with a different type of bottle.
  • Violet only has eyes for daddy…specifically, spitting up all over him. I’ve managed to dodge the deluge (so far), but James seems to attract it like flies to fly paper.
  • This girl loves to eat! They say babies this age nurse every 1-3 hours, and she’s clocking in at a feeding every 1.5 or so. She’s taken to the breast much easier than her brother, gaining back her birth weight in under 2 weeks, and for the most part latching on correctly. The left side is still a bit problematic, but because she nurses so often, I’m not feeling so sore anymore.
  • With all this eating comes lots of gas, so I’ve already got her on gas drops, which seem to help a little. We oftentimes have to pause for burping 2 – 3 times per feeding. Other times she gets right through and happily falls into a milk coma.  
  • She’s awake a little more these days, and she doesn’t much like lying around on her own. The swing and the bouncer keep her happy for a time, but what really does the trick is bouncing her on the big green yoga ball while holding her. It calms her right down and most times will put her right to sleep, but our backs are about to give out! Plus, the yoga ball is one of Liam’s favorite toys, so we sometimes have to tussle with him to use it. He’s quickly learning that he’d rather not have Violet screaming her head off, so he’s arguing with us much less now.

I’m also slowly but surely recovering. Here’s how I’m doing one month in:

  • The surgical aspects are healing fine, but I’m still straining to empty my bladder, and in doing so have created a minor hernia with my bladder. According to my doctor it’s relatively minor, so it should heal on its own without surgery. In the meantime I have to work on my kegels to strengthen my pelvic floor, I have to wear my maternity support belts all day, and regular doses of Advil get me through the discomfort.
  • I think we’re almost over the hump with breast feeding. We had some trouble on the left side, and for a time I was pumping the left and feeding on the right during the day. But now things are feeling better, so I’m able to nurse both sides evenly. I thought about seeing a consultant, but getting two kids out the door and across town seems like more trouble than it’s worth. I’m feeling confident we’ll be able to nurse for at least a year now. Yay!
  • The nights are hit or miss. James is sleeping up in the guest room during the week, and I’m okay with handling her overnight on my own. Some nights she only gets me up once. Others it seems like we’re up half the night. Liam is learning to do a lot more on his own, and I’ve let go my restrictions on screen time so I can get some rest. He’s getting quite good at Plants Vs. Zombies on the iPad.

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