The Good, the Bad, and the Messy

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I’m coming to understand why parents of two young children seldom leave the house. But I’m the kind of person who can’t stay cooped up for long, plus, apparently, I’m a glutton for punishment. Thursday I planned a relatively simple outing: lunch out with James and a short trip to Exploration Place. As I sat down to nurse Violet at 11:30, I sent Liam to watch a show, and I figured we could leave after that. Ten minutes later a stomping, huffing, whining six-year-old came blustering into the nursery. Netflix wasn’t working, he couldn’t watch his show, and I must FIIIIX IIIIT. Instead, because Vi had just finished eating, I convinced him to (reluctantly and with much complaining) put on his shoes and get in the car. Then, just as I’d started to pull out of the garage, I heard the tell-tale sound of Violet violently filling her diaper.

Dear God.

It was everywhere. So I had to carry her back in the house like a dripping explosive, clean her up, change her clothes, clean up the car seat, get both kids BACK in the car (cuz you better believe Liam wasn’t going to stay in the car with the bad smell), and set off again.

Thankfully, Chinese buffet was uneventful. In fact, I’m tickled that Liam likes it so much. Mind you, he doesn’t eat a single bit of Chinese food – this huge buffet has french fries, muffins, and cakes, too. But it does encourage him to try new foods. That day he wanted to try a fried banana and every color of Jello they had. It was amusing. 

Things didn’t get bad again until we sat down to watch a short movie at Exploration Place. Violet had slept in her stroller during our whole visit to the museum, but decided to wake up just as we’d entered the theater. I quickly settled her down in my arms and we watched the program in relative peace. And then…more explosive filling of the diaper. While I was holding her.

Dear God.

Quickly I hopped up and grabbed a receiving blanket to keep as much from seeping onto me as possible. Then I took a very unhappy six-year-old out of the movie early so we could clean her up, change her clothes, and get the heck out of there. Earlier I’d promised him a trip to the gift shop, and it was right on our way out, so that placated him a bit. And I found the cutest Bazinga onsie for Violet, which cheered me up a bit, as well.

Today we’re off to Kansas City, our first long distance outing with two kids. We’re just staying one day – long enough for James and I to have our first date night since Violet came along. It’s a three hour drive, and I’m hoping we can make it with no stops… and no explosive diapers.


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