Time for shots!

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There’s much to do to prepare for this big move to Greece, and first on the list was a trip to the doctors office. We all had to get blood drawn and TB tests, along with a medical physical required by the State Department. We didn’t inform Liam ahead of time, which minimized the panic. To his credit, he didn’t make as big of a scene as I thought he would, judging from his reaction to every skinned knee he’s ever gotten (Oh, the agony! I can’t work this limb for the rest of my life! I’ll need a month to heal from this! Etc, etc, etc.) I got lots of helpful advice from other moms on FB, but ended up not using much of it. The pediatrician didn’t have any numbing gel or spray on hand, and while we brought Lucy along to demonstrate the procedure, it seemed best to just move things along. The nurse checked his veins, (Liam said, “Those are my blood vessels,” impressing the two nurses in the room), then got him to reluctantly lay down on the table. James held his hand and shielded his face while the deed was done. Liam did a fair amount of crying and complaining, but no worse than he’d done for any other injury he’s sustained. I couldn’t help but giggle a little when he moaned, “I can’t handle this much longer!” which I’ve heard him utter many a time lately. Finally it was over, and I think he was too shocked to protest the band-aid as fervently as he usually does. After that, the TB test was cake – still a painful needle prick, but not nearly so bad. Then it was poor Violet’s turn, and she cried like all infants do when they get shots. The nurse couldn’t find a suitable vein, so we had to make a short trip to the hospital so they could run the test with just a heal prick. As we left, Liam proclaimed, “I don’t want any more shots for the rest of my life!” The nurses laughed at that.  

Next up, passport photos. It’s hard to get Liam to pose for a photo, and it seems all Violet does is cry these days, so this might prove challenging. It’s amazing I got the above photo at all, really.


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