Violet is 3 months old!

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She is just growing by leaps and bounds. Here’s what she’s been up to this month:

  • Thanks to my sister’s persistence, Violet will finally take a pacifier! She’s still fussy as ever, but at least she’s easier to soothe.
  • Drool, drool, drool…it’s everywhere now.
  • This girl loves to wiggle. Way more than her brother at this age. She is especially entertained by her activity mat, smacking all of those dangling monkeys, lions, and other assorted creatures. She’ll swat away in the morning for a good half hour, leaving me to get some relative peace and quiet through my breakfast.
  • She is still very partial to the green yoga ball. I feel like I practically live on it. And I’m still doing most of her nursing on it, at least until she falls asleep and I can move to the glider. I was hoping she’d have outgrown this constant need for motion by now.
  • We’re getting even more smiles throughout the day. She loves it when her daddy gets home!
  • This girl HATES riding in the car. Buckle her in the car seat and you might get a mild protest, but the minute you snap her into the backseat, she lets loose. And she’ll cry for 30 minutes or more until we either hit the turnpike or she passes out from exhaustion. I’m hoping she outgrows this soon, too! (As is Liam, who whines for 30 or more minutes because she’s crying…riding in the car with these two is decidedly not. fun.)

And because she’s just so darn cute, here’s another adorable photo. She looks so much like Liam here!



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