Liam’s First Day of First Grade

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Can I first just say how proud I am of this kid right now? I was so worried about how we were going to get out the door when I had Violet’s needs to meet, and Liam did so much for himself that I barely had to pitch in. He got himself up, made his breakfast, dressed himself, brushed his teeth and even had just enough time to pose for this photo. I took care of scrambling him an egg, brushing and styling his hair (at his request…my little man wears product now, lol), and putting on his socks and shoes so we’d have time to take a photo. Even Violet was on her best behavior, nursing while Liam made his breakfast and put on his cartoon (Scooby Doo is his new favorite), then keeping herself happy on her activity mat until it was time to get in her car seat.

Way to go, son!

Of course, all of this accomplishment takes a little prep work and practice. Every night I lay out his things for breakfast – a plate and fork set out in front of the toaster oven, and pre-cooked bacon, a big batch of waffles I make every Saturday, and his Miralax strawberry milk on the bottom shelf of the fridge. He picks out clothes and puts them on the living room couch the night before. We set his alarm clock for 6:30, and because he never seems to rouse in enough time to hit snooze, we set an obnoxious alarm on his iPhone for 6:45. (Yes, my six-year-old has an iPhone, but it’s an old 3G and he just uses it for games. And for setting timers and alarms.) He’s been practicing his breakfast routine for the past few weeks, and we did a “dry run” getting up early and going to the school yesterday. Last year we had some issues with the TV – he’d want to watch a half-hour show from the DVR, but we didn’t always have time to finish it, which always set him off. So now I’ve convinced him just to watch whatever is on his favorite kid channels, and we turn the TV off right at 7:30. 

We arrived at school with plenty of time for me to walk him to his classroom, something most of the parents do on the first day. His school supplies were already at his table – we’d dropped them off and met his new teacher a couple of days before. A boy sitting across from him told him where to put his back pack and what their morning activity was. Chatty little fella…maybe a new friend? We saw he was sitting next to a girl from his kindergarten class who is also a neighbor he’s played with. He hardly gave me a backward glance when I left…probably because Violet started to fuss and he was happy to be rid of THAT for awhile.   

On the way out I got to show off Vi to some of the teachers, librarians and recess helpers in the hall, as well as Liam’s old kindergarten teacher. Mrs. Sites, his awesome principal, stopped to say hi and admire the adorable little sister. She’s sure to get more attention from my mom friends when we pick Liam up this afternoon.


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