A weekend of firsts

August 16, 2015 at 10:27 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Yesterday, out of the blue, Liam decided he wanted to go to the pool by our house. This was our first trip to the pool all season, and I honestly thought we’d make it the whole year without going. The last time we went (last summer) he complained about the splashing and declared he’d never go back. But I’m eager to encourage any activity that doesn’t include a screen, so I dutifully gathered our beach towels, sunscreen and pool toys, and away we went. James, very reluctantly, stayed home with Violet.

Normally Liam sticks to the steps, sometimes venturing out to the “deep end” with me, but only after several minutes of coaxing. But this time Liam could touch the bottom, and suddenly the entire dynamic changed. He walked around the entire shallow end, then grabbed his swim ring and edged his way around the entire pool, hollering, “Look at me, mom!” the entire time. And I was amazed. Here’s a kid who cried and pleaded through years of swim lessons suddenly not so afraid of the water. Mind you, he still didn’t take kindly to splashing…but, baby steps. Baby steps.

Sunday we finally made it to kids yoga, something I’ve been meaning to do with Liam all summer. It was an hour-long class at Yoga Central, where I took my prenatal yoga classes, and the kids ranged from ages 5 – 12. I camped out in the back room with Violet, nursing and eavesdropping. This was the perfect class for Liam. He pulled the same stunt he did in Tai Kwon Do – claiming that he couldn’t stand or couldn’t do certain poses – and the instructor just said, “That’s ok, Liam. Honor what you want to do today.” Next thing I knew, he was doing triangle like a champ, and he was delighted that they did tree pose, one that I taught him. Some things he didn’t want to try or didn’t like…and that was perfectly ok. The instructor even remarked that she appreciated that Liam was listening to what his body wanted. I think PERHAPS we’ve found a weekly activity that Liam may like.

Afterward we went back to the pool, this time with Violet in tow for her very first outing to the pool. She didn’t have a swim suit or swim diaper, so I just sat on the steps and put her feet in the water. I think she liked it! Or, at least she didn’t cry, even when one of the kids splashed her a bit. She’s been liking her baths, so I’m not surprised. Liam was a little more touchy – the pool was a bit more crowded today, and there was more splashing than he was comfortable with – but he still had a decently good time. (Minus one infraction with some girl we didn’t know who for some reason was getting him super angry. He practically stomped all the way home seething.)

The pool won’t be open much longer this season…but I’m hoping this new bravado will carry over to riding his bike again this fall.


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