Back in the (exercise) saddle again

August 21, 2015 at 10:21 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Now that school is in full swing, I’m trying my best to get back into my yoga and Pilates routine. I’ve been dropping Violet off at the daycare in a relatively peaceful manner (she’s been asleep the last couple of times), and while the first time had me wracked with worry, making it hard to enjoy the benefits of yoga, each subsequent time has gotten better. She’s going through a growth spurt/feeding frenzy right now, so today might be challenging. Apparently on Tuesday they were just getting ready to come get me out of class to feed her when I got there to pick her up. She’s always famished afterward, so I’ve been nursing her in the women’s locker room. It’s nice not to feel like I have to cover up, though I have had some rather amusing conversations with topless ladies. We get lots of ooo’s and ahhh’s, and lots of “way to go, mom’s.”

It was great to catch up with my friends from the class and show Violet off. I went to both of my gentle yoga classes, but I think I’m going to have to step it up if I’m serious about losing this baby weight. I can ALMOST squeeze back into my jeans, which is amazing considering all of the eating I’ve been doing. Had m’self a little Dr. Pepper and cheeze-balls binge last night. Urgh. I’m hoping once Violet settles into more of a nap routine I can get back on my exercise bike at home, as well. James wants to sell it before we go to Greece, and I want to take it along if we have room. We may end up just putting it in storage and I’ll have to join a gym or something. I used to take long walks with Liam when he was a baby – with any luck Violet will enjoy walks as well. Right now she’s not very happy in her car seat, and it’s usually too hot to want to walk outside. 


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