Liamisms, age 6

August 25, 2015 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last night I spied Liam’s belly hanging out of his jammy shirt, and when I checked the label I saw they were a 3T. Well, no wonder! Today I went through all of his clothes, collecting all of the 2 and 3T pants and jammies and 4T shirts for our upcoming garage sale. (No more hand-me-downs to Milo. They’re the same size now.) This boy has grown so much this year, 2 inches since January. And he’s growing so independent now, too, making his own breakfast and practically putting himself to bed. He’s too big and heavy for me to pick up off the ground. But there are still some little boy hold outs – he still won’t try showers, he still drinks milk out of a cup with a lid, and I can still catch him mispronouncing words, which is no less adorable at age 6.

For instance, we played trains the other day, and one of the stations was in “You Nork City.” He still calls his toy piano his “plee-ano.” And he mispronounces cinnamon the same way I did as a kid, “cimmonim.” 

They grow up so fast…but it’s nice to see that cute little boy shine through.


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