Violet is 4 months old!

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Finally, we’re past the “Fourth Trimester” and everything is smooth sailing…well, almost. Here’s what my lovable baby girl has been up to:

  • Violet is alllllmost rolling over. She instantly rolls to her side when placed on her back, and if she could just move her arms out of the way, she’d have it.
  • This girl loves being up! Sitting up, standing up, either one is fine…with some assistance, of course. She loves sitting in her Bumbo chair and watching me cook/eat/do things. But it’s becoming a bit of a problem in the bath tub lately. She likes to flex her abs to sit up, but she can’t hold herself up very well so I either need to support her belly or coax her back to reclining in her baby bath. Perhaps we’ll invest in a baby bath chair when she’s sitting up a little better.
  • Violet found her thumb! Though she seems more intent on chewing on it than sucking it. She’s still not a big fan of the pacifier. She only takes that when she’s getting ready to sleep or if she’s very cranky.
  • I got out Liam’s old exersaucer, and what do you know? Her feet touched the bottom! I remember we had to prop Liam’s feet with a pillow at this age. I measured her, and sure enough, she’s got about an inch on her big brother! Watch this adorable video of Liam at around this age, and you’ll see those infamous dangling feet. 
  • It seems Violet may have some acid reflux. She’s been taking medication for a month now and she doesn’t have to bounce to eat, yay!! She still gets a bit fussy at mealtimes, but usually a loud burp will solve the problem.
  • I’m wondering if Violet’s teeth are on their way soon. She is incredibly drooly, and I’ve been rubbing baby Orajel on her gums when I notice her chewing on her hands/dress/bib. I remember thinking the same of Liam around four months and his teeth didn’t come in until the usual eighth month, so I guess we’ll see.
  • She’s started babbling a bit, mostly vowel sounds and mumblings. It takes a little coaxing to get her to “talk” and her voice is softer than Liam’s was as an infant. Lord knows we can’t have TWO loud talkers in this family (well, three, if you count Mommy!)

And because I just can’t help myself (and I loved this photo, too), here’s my girl looking all serious:



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