Our First Garage Sale

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Thanks to my mom and dad, our first garage sale went off splendidly! It started out a little rocky: Liam had a stomach bug Thursday night and Friday, and dad and I had a MacGyver moment with the posting of the signs. But bright and early Saturday morning we had everything organized and out for purchase. Our first customers arrived about an hour later, and we had a steady stream for most of the day. Liam just talked and talked and talked and talked. He greeted each customer, then hovered around and explained all the pricing. He chased one guy down the driveway, “Well, aren’t you going to buy anything?” LOL. We had to have a little chat about being polite. Then he sat his little chair outside of the garage and proclaimed to anyone within listening distance (for him, that means down the block) that items in the driveway were his to take the money for, especially the kitchen table, which was “our most expensivest thing.” Our little racketeer wanted $80 for his piggy bank! So then we had to chat with him about how it isn’t nice to talk to people about money, and perhaps he could just ask them if they needed help or if they’d like a bag. Ohhhhh.

After that he was a perfect little helper. “Hello. Can I help you? Would you like a bag for that stuff?” So adorable. Even Violet was good on Saturday, sleeping most of the day and allowing me to help more than I thought I’d be able to.

Sunday was a little slower, so we set a bunch of things out on our old coffee table and labeled them “free stuff – including the coffee table.” Then I posted some ads on craigslist and freecycle to help drum up business. I guess Sunday is not a big garage sale day around here. But we still managed to offload all the big items except for one stroller, and I bet I can sell it online. A handful of other nicer things I’m going to try to sell online, as well. A single mom texted me asking if she might be able to take some clothes for her special-needs 6-month-old daughter, so we set aside a little care package of gender-neutral sleepers and overalls for her to pick up that evening. We still had a ton of clothing, so we dropped them off at The Treehouse thrift store. I’m glad all these clothes are going to kids who need them.

And now…less clutter, yay! We only cleared a couple hundred bucks, but it was worth it to clean out the garage, especially with our impending move. We have a little more time – it’s been unofficially pushed back to January, and we’re still waiting to hear about an official start date. We still have books to sell (6 boxes are going to Half Price Books in couple of weeks, yay!), Travis is taking our grill this weekend, and we plan to sell the Subaru Forrester and all of our appliances in the coming months. Sheesh…this garage sale was only the tip of the iceberg!   


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