Violet’s First Food

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I wasn’t sure when we started Liam on solids, so I consulted his baby book (no help—just a photo and no date) and this blog. Turns out he was around 5 months old, and I absolutely agonized over it. Silly first time mommy, me!

For the past few weeks Violet has been eying my food as I put it in my mouth, as if to say, “So…where’s my bite?” She loves sitting in the Bumbo chair on the table or counter to watch us all eat our meals. And for the past week she’s been voraciously hungry at night…even more than usual. She’s 4 1/2 months now…seemed like as good a time as any to try solids! (See what I did there? That is definitely a second-time mommy move.)

We read the label on the package, mixed up the cereal with the amount of breast milk it recommended, and fed her a few bites of the water concoction…which she promptly spit out all over her bib. (Cute bib made by Jan, BTW). I remembered this stuff being more like Cream of Wheat, so we added more cereal to thicken it up and tried again. A few more bites in and she was totally getting it. And loving it! I remember Liam having a very similar reaction to food, as if to say, “This is a much more efficient way to convey nutrition, mommy.” (That’s exactly how he would phrase it in his baby mind, I’m sure.)

She was in a super good mood for the rest of the night, and she immediately went to sleep at bedtime. She didn’t last through the night quite as I hoped (up at midnight, then again at 4:30), but as her appetite for rice cereal increases, perhaps that will change. Here’s hoping!


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