Super Moon Lunar Eclipse 2015

September 28, 2015 at 7:57 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Last night we had clear skies, warm temperatures, a huge moon and a total lunar eclipse. I’d been talking it up for a couple of days with Liam, and he was excited to get to stay up and watch it. Everything was all set…until the plague hit our house. James was shivering and feverish all day long, though the rest of us felt fine…until bed time. Then Liam uncharacteristically wanted to go to bed early. Uh oh. I asked him if he still wanted to stay up and watch the moon, that it would be 18 years before we’d get to see it this perfectly again, and he asked me to wake him up when it started.

At 8:30 I went to check the position of the moon, and I was surprised to see it was already a quarter of the way shadowed. I’d read that it was starting at 9:30, but that must have been EST. D’oh! I quickly set up two lawn chairs in the driveway, then went to wake up Liam. I poked him, prodded him, shook him awake, practically yelled in his ear. When he finally opened his eyes, I told him to get up so we could see the moon. He groggily told me he was too tired, and he just wanted to sleep. Poor kid was drenched in sweat. He must be getting sick, I thought. So I left him be.

I went upstairs to see if James was up, but he was all cocooned in his blankets fast asleep. I called Jill and was delighted to hear Evie’s reaction to the celestial event…and a little envious. But Jill agreed with me – if Liam is getting sick and didn’t want to wake up, best to let him sleep. He’d just be grumpy that I woke him up. As the moon started to disappear, my neighbors started to come out with their kids. Now I was starting to feel very disappointed I wasn’t getting to share this with Liam. Screw it, I’m just going to carry him out here to see this, I thought. But when I went inside, guess who was awake instead?

All swaddled up and eyes wide open, I carried Violet outside to see the moon. I know she’s only four months old and she won’t remember it. But at least I got to share it with one member of my household. My neighbors jumped at the chance to hold her, and I got to look through a set of binoculars at the blood red moon. I settled her back down to bed, and by 11 the shadow was beginning to pass on the other side. A wonderful sight. I almost went to get Liam again, but I was getting so tired that I went right to sleep instead.


Five in the morning I hear Liam at my bedside, “Did the lunar eclipse happen yet?” Oh dear. Apparently he had no memory of me trying to wake him up, and he was devastated to have missed it. Violet was in the bed with me, and I invited Liam to come up and lay with us. I got out my computer and played a few videos of the eclipse for him, but it just wasn’t the same. We looked up when the next one will be in Europe: Sept 16, 2016. A whole year?! Liam started crying. What if it’s cloudy next time? I promised him we’d try our best to see the next one, and every one after that for years to come. And no matter how tired he is, I’ll drag him out of bed to see it. Somewhat satisfied, but still disappointed, (me too, kiddo!) he laid in the bed and played with Violet for a little bit before I got her back to sleep. Then Liam and I had a rare little cuddle before he wanted to get up for breakfast. Later, while eating his waffle he remarked, “You know, Violet is pretty cute when she’s sleeping.” Despite my disappointment about last night, at least it afforded me this sweet little moment with my kiddos. 


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