I’ve been duped!

September 29, 2015 at 2:47 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I suspected that Liam was coming down with something Sunday night, so when he woke up this morning complaining that his “whole body hurt” and he wanted to stay home from school, I thought, “Great, here we go again.” He just had a stomach bug a week ago, and now this? I dutifully took his temperature, but no fever. His nose was a little stuffy, but otherwise he seemed ok. I gave him a little Tylenol and Allegra, fed him some breakfast, got as far as getting dressed and brushing teeth, but he still complained that he didn’t feel up to going to school. Ever a suspicious mommy, I said we were not going to be watching TV today, and if he was really sick he’d have to stay in bed. He heartily agreed, letting me tuck him in with a book. I was still loathe to keep him home. If he’s coming down with what James had this weekend, he’s going to feel much worse tomorrow, and probably the day after that. But if he was willing to lay in bed all day, he must really feel bad.

That lasted about 30 minutes.

Then he was upstairs angling for a snack. I told him he’d have to eat something healthy – no goldfish, no hotdogs, no chips, no fruit snacks. Then he pipes up, “How about a popsicle? Those are good for when you’re sick, right?” Last week, after he’d been throwing up and we were just starting to get some liquids in him, I gave him a popsicle to encourage him to get hydrated. It was something one of his pediatricians had recommended years ago. Sheesh. So I explained to him that popsicles were only for when he couldn’t keep down regular food, and how about a banana instead? He ate half a banana and went back downstairs to lie down.

At around 10:30 he was back upstairs, apparently ready for lunch. “Think I could have a popsicle now?” Hmmm…starting to understand why this boy wanted to stay home so badly despite the no TV edict. We went back and forth for awhile with my healthy snack suggestions, and he finally settled on crunchy peanut butter on toast. By the time he was finished with that, Violet was up and Liam was getting on my last nerve. Clearly he wasn’t sick enough to stay home anymore, so I called the office to make sure it was ok for me to bring him up to school. As long as he hadn’t had a fever, I could bring him up after lunch. Thank God!

Of course, after I informed him we’d be going up to school in a bit, he conveniently wasn’t feeling well again. I’m not falling for that again, kiddo! I have no doubts that he’s just a little sick, but he’s clearly hamming it up to stay home all day…and drive me insane enough to let him watch TV all afternoon. 

I have a feeling we’ll be going through this rigmarole again tomorrow, but unless he’s running a fever or noticeably weak, I’m sending his butt to school. Constant vigilance, mama! Constant vigilance!


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