Violet is 5 months old!

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Here’s what my sweetie has been up to this month:

  • Woe is me, this girl STILL does not like riding in the car! On our most recent visit to KC, she was either sleeping or screaming all the way there. She cried for two straight hours on the way home yesterday, despite all the stopping I did to calm her down. She was fed, changed, covered in a blanket, not covered in a blanket, air conditioning turned up, turned down, window down, window up – it did not seem to matter what I did unless I took her out of the car seat and held her. Needless to say a twelve-hour drive to Lexington for Thanksgiving is out of the question. Let’s hope she enjoys planes better.
  • Our little miss is getting very particular lately. She prefers one bathtub over the other, she prefers nursing on one side over the other, and right now she seems to just want her mama. She won’t take a bottle anymore at all, even from me. She still lights up when James comes home, and others can hold her for a bit. But only mama can calm her down completely. Which has made going to the Y or having someone watch her while I volunteer at the school challenging. She pretty much cries the whole time I’m gone.
  • This girl is sitting like a champ! She’s still a little tippy, and she doesn’t take kindly to toppling over, especially if she lands on her belly. But she can hold herself upright reasonably well, and she’s much happier for it. She loves her new vantage in the stroller, sitting up instead of riding in her infant carrier. She’s still a little bit small to fit the straps, but she’s secure enough not to topple out.
  • We are in love with baby headbands. I never thought I’d be that mom, but with that little swoop of hair in the front, I just can’t resist. Must get more of them!
  • We’ve continued to give her rice cereal, and each night she seems to master opening her mouth and swallowing a little better. This morning I mushed some of my banana in my fingers and gave her a taste…she couldn’t get enough! I think this time around I’m not going to make such a big production of purchasing baby food or concocting purees. Much simpler to just feed her what we’re eating, mashed up or cut into tiny pieces.
  • This girl loves to nurse. Pre-nap, post-nap, every three hours, every one hour…whenever she gets fussy I just pop her on the boob and that usually calms her down.
  • She’s still no closer to rolling over. In fact, I’d say she spends even less time lying on the floor now that she can sit. The doctor says it’s still normal not to have mastered it by 6 months, but after that they’ll have to make sure nothing is wrong.
  • Bye bye bassinet! Time to Ferberize! Liam was sleeping (relatively) soundly in his crib around this age, so I’m hoping to get Violet sleeping through the night in her crib here in the next month or so. Baby steps, though. I’m solo parenting for the next four weeks (four very long weeks, to be sure), so she’s sleeping in the pack n’ play in the bedroom until I decide to give the crib a try. Judging from her two-hour scream session in the car, this girl will likely be more difficult to sleep train than her brother. It’s always something, isn’t it?

And because I had a hard time deciding on a photo, here are some other cute ones from today:





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