Corn Maze and Carnival

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We packed a lot into our Saturday: First a trip to the Bergmann Corn Maze, then an evening at Liam’s school carnival.


We first went to Bergmann’s when Liam was in preschool, and just like last time we rode the tractor to the start of the corn maze. Except this time I was considerably more burdened.


Just like last time, we attempted to blunder our way around without consulting the map. I let him lead the way, and we meandered around until we happened across the first set of trivia questions. But then I was starting to feel it in my back, so I suggested we look at the map. He was a great little navigator this time around, and he happily took the lead and showed us the way out.


After a short rest, we started in on the larger of the two mazes. But three turns in and I could tell baby girl needed some nourishment. I told Liam to find us a nice, secluded dead end so we could feed Violet. Such a good boy, he consulted the map further while I covered Violet up with a blanket to keep her warm. The wind whipped through the corn above our heads, and we could hear distant voices from others winding their way around the maze. No one came across us there, though. After Violet was sated, I could tell she really needed a nap. My back and hip were aching, and even Liam thought it best to call it a day. We stopped by a vendor near our house to pick out a couple of pumpkins while Violet slept in the car – much easier than attempting the trailer ride to the pumpkin patch at Bergmann’s at that point. Plus, the line to pay was getting quite long.


By that evening we were ready for carnival! I loaded Violet back in the Bjorn and headed inside. Liam used his own allowance to buy tickets, being the grown up first grader he is now. We skipped eating there this time and headed straight for the games. His favorite again was cake walk, but after three or four tries we still didn’t win. Last year he got really bent out of shape, but this year I promised to buy him a cupcake at Dillons if he didn’t win and didn’t throw a fit, and that seemed to placate him. He got a tattoo, played giant Yatzee, did the beanbag toss, fishing, and the lollipop tree. We stood in line for the balloon darts, but when I thumb tack accidentally flung toward him and landed with a small thunk on his shirt, he decided this game was “too dangerous.” Let’s go home. Ok, dear. It was probably just as well – as we headed down the hallway one of my neighbors noticed that someone in our party had dropped off:


After the kids were (finally!) in bed, I had to take a couple Advil and rest my back and hips. I remember wearing Liam all around DC, even hiking through the Arboretum with him when he was older and heavier, but I guess nearing 40 has taken its toll on my poor, achin’ old body. Which bums me out – Athens, like DC, is not very stroller-friendly. James may have to do the majority of the baby wearing this time around. I don’t think he’ll mind. He not-so-secretly loves it.


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