Liam’s First Grade Assessment

October 25, 2015 at 9:46 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I had to go solo to Liam’s first parent-teacher conference this year. Thankfully my parents came up to watch the kids so I didn’t have to take them along. I wasn’t surprised to hear that Liam was a model student: listening, following directions, and never getting into trouble. He was right on track with reading, and above average on math. In fact, he only missed one problem on the math assessment test, and it was only because he added instead of subtracted. I mentioned that Liam was getting a little bored with the Decodable readers he had to read every night – I volunteer to switch out the books in the kids’ homework folders, so I could see there were actually more interesting books to read at a higher level. I didn’t think Liam was necessarily ready to read at a higher level, but he wasn’t enjoying these rather pointless, simple narratives. So his teacher suggested we try him on the harder, more interesting titles and see how he does. The only area Liam needs to work on is reading comprehension, and hopefully in the next nine weeks when they break into smaller reading groups, we can figure out why he struggles in that area.

We tried out his new book on Friday, and while he struggled with some of the words, he seemed to enjoy the book more. We read it again tonight, and he remembered most of the new words he’d learned. He picks things up pretty quickly, so I’m hopeful we can keep going with these higher level books. The teacher said that most kids usually gravitate toward either math or reading, and Liam seems much more into math. But James and I are such avid readers, I suspect he’ll embrace a love of reading someday as well.


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